Seagate Momentus ST9250827AS 2.5" SATA 250GB 5.4K Hard Drive

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Seagate Part #/MPN: ST9250827AS

DiscTech Item #: SGT-ST9250827AS-RF-OE-DEL

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Capacity: 250GB

Speed: 5,400RPM

Interface Types: SATA

Form Factor: 2.5inx9mm Fits Most laptops

Sector Size: 512 / 512e

Sustained Throughput: 58

Average Seek Time: 12 / 14

Electrical Interface: SATA 300 - 3.0Gbps

On-Board Cache: 8MB

Seagate Momentus ST9250827AS 5400.4 SATA 250GB 5.4K 2.5"  Hard Drive - Refurbished OEM

    These drives provide the following key features:
  • 5,400-RPM spindle speed.
  • 8-Mbyte buffer.
  • Quiet operation. Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) motor.
  • High instantaneous (burst) data-transfer rates (up to 150 Mbytes per second).
  • Perpendicular recording technology provides the drives with increased areal density.
  • State-of-the-art cache and on-the-fly error-correction algorithms.
  • Full-track multiple-sector transfer capability without local processor intervention.
  • 900 Gs nonoperating shock and 325 Gs of operating shock.
  • SeaTools diagnostic software performs a drive self-test that eliminates unnecessary drive returns.
  • The 3D Defense System™, which includes Drive Defense, Data Defense and Diagnostic Defense, offers the industry’s most comprehensive protection for disc drives.
  • Support for S.M.A.R.T. drive monitoring and reporting.
  • Support for Read Multiple and Write Multiple commands.
  • Worldwide Name (WWN) capability uniquely identifies the drive

Dell Part Numbers: KW721 0KW721

Drive specificationST9250827ASST9200827ASST9160827ASST9120817AS
Formatted Gbytes (512 bytes/sector)*250200160120
Guaranteed sectors488,397,168390,721,968312,581,808234,441,648
Bytes per sector512
Physical read/write heads432
Cache (Mbytes)8
Recording density in BPI (bits/inch max)1,180k
Track density TPI (tracks/inch max)173
Areal density (Gbits/inch max)204
Spindle speed (RPM)5,400
Internal transfer rate (Gbits/sec max)778
Sustained transfer rate (Mbytes/sec max)58
I/O data transfer rate (Mbytes/sec max)300
ATA data-transfer modes supportedSATA 1.0, Serial ATA Revision 2.5

PIO modes 0–4

Multiword DMA modes 0–2

Ultra DMA modes 0–6
Height (max)9.5 +/- 0.2 mm (0.374 +/- .0078 inches)
idth (max) 69.85 +/- .25 mm (2.750 +/- .010 inches)69.85 +/- 0.25 mm (2.75 +/- 0.0098 inches)
Length (max)100.20 +/- 0.25 mm (3.945 +/- 0.010 inches)
Weight (typical)</=102 grams (0.23 lb)97 grams (0.21 lb)
Average latency (msec)5.6
Power-on to ready (sec typical)<3.0
Standby to ready (sec typical)<2.0
Track-to-track seek time, read (msec typical)<2.0 (read), <2.5 (write)
Average seek, read (msec typical)<12.0
Average seek, write (msec typical)14.0
Startup current, +5V (max)1.0 amps

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ROHS Compliant

Alternate MPNs: KW721 0KW721

Weight: 0.5 lb

Warranty: 1 Year DiscTech


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