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Enterprise / business class servers like the Dell PowerEdge and HP Proliant servers as well as the blade servers. Dell latitude, inspiron, precision laptops and workstations are available. DiscTech also carries a wide variety of system accessories / components like server rail kits, power supplies / adapters, memory / RAM, RAID controllers, NICs and other rack and system accessories.

(513 Products)

Dell K2490 / K260C Mickey Mouse Three Prong Power Cable

Dell Part #/MPN: K2490

Wattage/VA: 3W

Voltage: 110-120V


Dell 331-6304 / GNPHP 130W E/Port Plus Advanced Port Replicator with USB 3.0

Dell Part #/MPN: 331-6304

Interface Types: USB 2.0, USB 3.0, eSATA External, Ethernet RJ45, DVI-D, DisplayPort, SVGA, 3.5mm Headphone, Serial RS-232 DB9, PS2

Wattage/VA: 130W

Voltage: 110-240V Multi


Dell 770-10869 / W251N DCS FS12 Rail Kit

Dell Part #/MPN: 770-10869

Rail Kit Type: 4 Post Versa Rail / Threaded Holes - Sliding

U Height: 2U


Dell 32GB RAM PC3-10600 DDR3-1333MHz Certified ECC Memory Module A6994475

Dell Part #/MPN: A6994475

Form Factor: RDIMM

Electrical Interface: PC3-10600

Voltage: 1.35V


Dell PA-6 AC Adapters

Dell Part #/MPN: PA-6

Wattage/VA: 70W

Voltage: 110-240V Multi


DELL GW653 1U Versa Sliding Rail

Dell Part #/MPN: GW653

Rail Kit Type: 4 Post Versa Rail / Threaded Holes - Sliding

U Height: 1U


Dell PA-7E / 330-4128 210 Watts Power Cord

Dell Part #/MPN: 330-4128

Wattage/VA: 210W

Voltage: 110-240V Multi


Dell 310-7704 D/Port Advanced Port Replicators

Dell Part #/MPN: 310-7704

Interface Types: USB 2.0, Ethernet RJ45, DSL RJ11, DVI-I, DisplayPort, VGA, S-Video, 3.5mm Headphone, Serial RS-232 DB9, Parallel Printer DB25, PS2

Wattage/VA: 90W

Voltage: 110-240V Multi


Dell UY823 Two Prong European Power Cable

Dell Part #/MPN: UY823

Length: 1.5m / 5ft

Wattage/VA: 65W

Voltage: 220-240V


Dell 430-3113 / PR03X E/Port - Laptop Port Replicator

Dell Part #/MPN: 430-3113

Interface Types: USB 2.0, eSATA External, Ethernet RJ45, DVI-I, DisplayPort, VGA, 3.5mm Headphone

Wattage/VA: 130W

Voltage: 220-240V


Dell PA-4E 130 watt AC Adapter

Dell Part #/MPN: PA-4E

Wattage/VA: 130W

Voltage: 110-240V Multi