Hewlett Packard 5064-2454 SCSI Hard Drive

HEWLETT PACKARD Part #/MPN: 5064-2454

DiscTech Item #: HPI-5064-2454-RF-OE

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    Special Order - Ships in 5-10 business days

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Enterprise Grade

Capacity: 18GB

Speed: 10,000RPM

Interface Types: SCSI 80pin SCA-2 Hot-Swap

Form Factor: 3.5inx1.0in LFF Hard Drive

Sector Size: 512 / 512e

Sustained Throughput: 29.5

Average Seek Time: 5.4

Electrical Interface: SCSI LVD U160 - 160MBps 16-bit

On-Board Cache: 1MB

Hewlett Packard 18GB 10K U160 80pin SCA-2 SCSI Hard Drive 5064-2454 - Refurbished

The Hewlett Packard 5064-2454 has the following standard features:

• Integrated Ultra/Ultra2 SCSI controller (ST318203 and ST39103 models)
• Integrated Ultra160 SCSI controller (ST318233 and ST39133 models)
• Multimode SCSI drivers and receivers—single-ended (SE) and low voltage differential (LVD)
• 16 bit I/O data bus
• Asynchronous and synchronous data transfer protocol
• Firmware downloadable via SCSI interface
• Selectable even byte sector sizes from 512 to 4,096 bytes/sector
• Programmable sector reallocation scheme
• Flawed sector reallocation at format time
• Programmable auto write and read reallocation
• Reallocation of defects on command (post format)
• Enhanced ECC correction capability up to 185 bits
• Sealed head and disc assembly
• No preventative maintenance or adjustment required
• Dedicated head landing zone
• Embedded servo design
• Self diagnostics performed when power is applied to the drive
• 1:1 Interleave
• Zoned bit recording (ZBR)
• Vertical, horizontal, or top down mounting
• Dynamic spindle brake
• 1,024 kbyte data buffer (4,096 kbytes on LWV/LCV models)
• Hot plug compatibility (Section lists proper host connector needed) for “LC’ and “LCV’ model drives
• SCAM (SCSI Configured Automatically) plug-n-play level 2 compliant, factory set to level 1

Media characteristics

• The media used on the drive has a diameter of approximately 3.3 inches (84 mm).
• The aluminum substrate is coated with a thin film magnetic material, overcoated with a proprietary protective layer for improved durability and environmental protection.


• Programmable multi-segmentable cache buffer (see Section 3.1)
• 10,016 RPM spindle. Average latency = 2.99 ms
• Command queuing of up to 64 commands
• Background processing of queue
• Supports start and stop commands (spindle stops spinning)


• 1,000,000 hour MTBF
• LSI circuitry
• Balanced low mass rotary voice coil actuator
• Incorporates industry-standard Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T.)
 (TOP) J5 Auxiliary ___________________ ÚÄÄ Ä1¿/ÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍ\ Í( ×××××××××××××××××1)ͳ::::::³³ 0 0 0 0 ÆÍ \ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄijÄÄÄÄ/ À ÄÄ 2ÙÀÄ5ÄGÄGÄ12Ù 68 pin I/O CableÙ ³³³³³³ Connection Male ³³³³³³ SCSI ID = 0 (none) ³³³³³ÀÄÄ SCSI ID = 1 pin-11 +5v ÄÄÙ³³³ÀÄÄÄ SCSI ID = 2 pin-10 GND ÄÄÄÙ³ÀÄÄÄÄ SCSI ID = 4 ÃÄÄÄÄÄ SCSI ID = 8 pins 9 & 12 no connection ÀÄÄÄÄÄÄ or pin-8 Activity LED* * These pins are driven low for 250ms after PWR ON and RESET to allow jumper selectable SCSI ID as shown above. ÉÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍ» º REAR VIEW º (ST-318203LC only) ÈÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍͼ 80 pin I/O and DC Power Wall/bracket Connection ³ Female J1 /ÄÄÄijÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ\ TOP (HDA) ÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍ/ ×××××××××××××××××××× \ÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍ (\Ä1ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ40/) BOTTOM Notes on 80 pin I/O connector: pins 1 - 4 = +12v 41 - 44 = 12v GND 34 - 36 = +5v 74 - 76 = 5v GND 37 = SYNC 77 = LEDC 38 = MTRON 78 = DLYDST 39 = SCSIA0 79 = SCSIA1 40 = SCSIA2 80 = SCSIA3 Mating connector: AMP US p/n: 2-557103-1 straight-in, Male 80-pin 2-557101-1 right angle to PCB ÉÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍ» º SIDE VIEW º (ST-318203LW/LC) ÈÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍͼ FRONT TOP (HDA) J2 87654321 Õ͸ OF ÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍPÍWÍAÍÍÍÍÍ͵J1 DRIVE BOTTOM :::::::: Ô; ³³³³³³³³ Force Single-ended (LVD models only) ÄÙ³³³³³³À Term Power (LW only)¿ Start Delay (12 secs * ID) ÄÄÙ³³³³ÀÄ Reserved ³ Motor Start ÄÄÄÙ³³ÀÄÄ Reserved ³ Write Protect ÄÄÄÄÙÀÄÄÄ Parity Disable ³ ³ ³ ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿ ³ ³ Termination Power-source Table ÃÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÙ ÃÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÁÄÄÄÄÄ¿ ³ ....ÍÍÍÍÍPWA edgeÍÍÍÍÍ ³ ³ 2 1 ³ ³ A Drive Supplies Bus ÖÄ· ³ ³ øºøº ³ ³ (not used on LC model) øÓø½ ³ ³ A ³ ÀÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄDefault no jumper ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÙ Note: LW and LC drives do not have internal terminators or any other way of adding internal terminators to the drive; use external active termination if required. Use active (ANSI SCSI-2 Alternative 2) terminators when terminating the bus. Use active negation terminators when terminating a SCSI Ultra2 bus operating in Low Voltage Differential (LVD) mode. ÉÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍ» º FRONT VIEW º (ST-318203LW/LC) ÈÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍͼ ÚÄÄ´Reserved. Shipped with cover installed. ³ ÀDo not remove. Do not install jumpers TOP (HDA) ÕØÍÍ͸ 1 ÍÍPÍWÍAÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍ͵::::³::::::ÆÍÍ * BOTTOM ÔÍÍÍ;123456 ³ J6 ³³³³³³ LED ÄÙ ³³³³³³ Remote LED Ù³³³³À ID 1 (pin-11 +5v) ³³³ÀÄ ID 2 Reserved ÄÙ³ÀÄÄ ID 4 (pin-10 GND) ÀÄÄÄ ID 8 ST-318203LW UNFORMATTED CAPACITY (GB) ________________21.6 FORMATTED CAPACITY (GB) __________________18.21 AVERAGE SECTORS PER TRACK ________________303 rounded down ACTUATOR TYPE ____________________________ROTARY VOICE COIL TRACKS ___________________________________117,612 CYLINDERS ________________________________9,801 user HEADS ______PHYSICAL______________________12 DISCS (3.0 in) ___________________________6 MEDIA TYPE _______________________________THIN FILM/MR RECORDING METHOD _________________________PRML 16/17 EPR4 INTERNAL TRANSFER RATE (mbits/sec)________193 to 308 INTERNAL FORMATTED TRANSFER RATE (MB/sec)_29.5 avg EXTERNAL TRANSFER RATE (mbyte/sec) _______40 Sync Low Voltage Differential(LVD) _______80 Sync SPINDLE SPEED (RPM) ______________________10,016 AVERAGE LATENCY (mSEC) ___________________2.99 BUFFER (/optional)________________________1024/4096 KByte Read Look-Ahead, Adaptive, Multi-Segmented Cache INTERFACE ________________________________Ultra2 SCSI ASA II, SCAM level 2 (1 default) BYTES PER TRACK __________________________153,284-229,045 SECTORS PER DRIVE ________________________35,566,480 TPI (TRACKS PER INCH) ____________________12,580 BPI (PEAK KBITS PER INCH) ________________252 AVERAGE ACCESS (ms read/write)____________5.4/6.0 Drive level without controller overhead SINGLE TRACK SEEK (ms read/write) ________0.7/0.9 MAX FULL SEEK (ms read/write) ____________12.2/13.2 MTBF (power-on hours) ____________________1,000,000 SHOCK (G's, 11/2/.5 ms): operating (Read/Write) __________5 abnormal ________________________10 nonoperating ____________________75/200/100 ACOUSTICS (Bels typical, sound power) ____4.3 POWER DISSIPATION (watts/BTUs) Active ____/ Idle ______10.75/36.7 POWER REQUIREMENTS: +12V START-UP (amps) _2.4 +12V TYPICAL (amps) __0.6 idle +5V START-UP (amps) __1.03 +5V TYPICAL (amps) ___0.71 idle IDLE (watts) _________ LANDING ZONE (cyl) _______________________AUTO PARK IBM AT DRIVE TYPE ________________________0 or NONE Physical: Height (inches/mm): 1.0/25.4 Width (inches/mm): 4.00/101.6 Depth (inches/mm): 5.75/146 Weight (lbs/kg): 1.3/0.589 Already low-level formatted at the factory with x spare sectors at the end of each x cylinder region. ZBR = Zone Bit Recording = Variable sectors per track 

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Alternate MPNs: ST318203LC

Weight: 1.8 lb

Warranty: 1 Year DiscTech


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1 Year DiscTech Warranty

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