IBM / Hitachi Fibre / Fiber Channel Hard Disk Drive 08K2484

Hitachi Part #/MPN: 08K2484

DiscTech Item #: HIT-08K2484-BN-OE

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Enterprise Grade

Capacity: 73GB

Speed: 10,000RPM

Interface Types: Fibre Channel - Internal - Arbitrated Loop ASA II

Form Factor: 3.5inx1.0in LFF Hard Drive

Sector Size: 512 / 512e

Sustained Throughput: 46.8 - 89.3

Average Seek Time: 4.7

Electrical Interface: FC-AL - 2Gbps

On-Board Cache: 16MB

Hitachi 10K300 08K2484 / HUS103073FLF210 73GB 10K 2Gbps 40pin FC-AL Fibre Channel Hard Drive - Brand New

Ultrastar 10K300 08K2484 / HUS103073FLF210 Hard Drive offers the lowest total cost of ownership enterprise solution in the industry. At double the capacity of previous generations, the new Ultrastar drive enables mission critical configurations utilizing fewer systems for equivalent capacity and performance, requiring less power to run those systems, and fewer people to manage them. A mature drive design means higher quality and less down time for repairs.

Model : HUS103014FLF210 / PYTHON-A


This drive is compatible with any of our Fibre / Fiber Channel controllers and hot-swap trays.

Model number 08K2484 / HUS103073FLF210
Model Name 10K300
Formatted Capacity 73 Gbytes
Rotational Speed 10,000 rpm
Default Buffer (cache) Size 16 Mbytes
Internal Transfer Rate (max) 1075 Mbits/sec
External (I/O) Transfer Rate (max) 200 MBytes/sec
Sustained Transfer Rate46.8 - 89.3 MBytes/sec
Average Latency 2.99 msec
Form Factor(width) 3.5-inch
Form Factor(height) 1-inch
Height 26.1 mm
Width 101.6 mm
Length 147.0 mm
Weight 750 g
Power (Idle)10.8 watts
Startup Current (12VDC +/- 5%) 2.45 amps
Startup Current (5VDC +/- 5%) 1.10 amps
Max Operating Shock (2-msec) 15 Gs
Max Nonoperating Shock (2-msec) 250 Gs
Operating Vibration (max) 1.0 Gs
Nonoperating Vibration (max) 2.0 Gs
Operating Temperature (max) 55 deg C
Operating Temperature (min) 5 deg C
Nonoperating Temperature (max) 70 deg C
Nonoperating Temperature (min) -40 deg C
Nonrecoverable Read Errors 1 per 10^16 bits read

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Alternate MPNs: HUS103073FLF210

Weight: 1.8 lb

Warranty: 1 Year DiscTech

Brand New

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The product is brand new.

1 Year DiscTech Warranty

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