Intel RS2VB080 512MB PCIe SAS SATA RAID Controller

INTEL Part #/MPN: RS2VB080

DiscTech Item #: INT-RS2VB080-BN-OE

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Interface Types: SAS Serial Attached SCSI, SATA, PCIe, SFF-8087

Form Factor: Half-Height/Half-Length

Electrical Interface: PCIe - v2.0 - 8GBps

On-Board Cache: 512MB

Voltage: 3.3V

Intel RS2VB080 512MB Eight Port 6Gbps PCIe SAS/SATA RAID Controller - Brand New

Intel RS2VB080 512MB Eight Port 6Gbps PCI Express, SAS, Serial ATA RAID Controller - Brand New

Intel® RAID Controllers RS2VB080/040 Popular SAS-2 6G RAID Technology with Maintenance Free Backup Included

Product Overview - The Intel® RAID Controllers RS2VB080/ 040 offers maintenance free backup capability built on proven 6GB/s SAS RAID technology. The backup unit features NAND flash to capture the RAID controller memory contents in the event of system hangs, crashes, kernel panics or power failures. When one of these issues occurs, all outstanding IOs will be transferred to flash memory for storage for completion once the system comes back online.

In addition to maintenance free backup, the Intel® RAID Controllers RS2VB080/ 040 features either 8 or 4 internal ports (depending on model), an LSI SAS2108 6Gb/s RAID on Chip (ROC) processor, a native PCI Express 2.0 architecture, and an easy to use graphical interface. These features combined to provide significant performance and usability gains for both 3Gb/s and 6Gb/s drive-based solutions compared to Intel’s SAS 1 and first generation SAS 2 RAID products.

All Intel RAID solutions are validated across multiple platforms with Intel® boards, chassis, and systems. Customized training, as well as Intel® service and support, make Intel the one source for customers seeking data protection, increased productivity, and simplified IT.

Key Advantages

  • Exceptional data protection and performance. Supports data redundancy using SAS or SATA hard disk drives through mirroring, parity, and double parity (RAID levels 1, 5, and 6) plus striping capability for spans (RAID levels 10, 50, and 60). LSI SAS2108 ROC technology, x8 PCI Express Generation 2 host interface and 800 MHz cache enhances the performance of mainstream applications.
  • Improved serviceability. NAND flash can retain data for up to ten years and provide near instant optimal RAID performance versus traditional Lithium Ion (LiON) battery backup units (BBUs) which are limited to just days of retention and can take up to 8 hours to charge. Furthermore, NAND technology allows for a standard 3 year warranty.
  • Environmentally friendly. The maintenance free backup unit (MFBU) improves traditional methods of cache protection by eliminating LiON batteries. MFBU does not require additional hazardous shipping compliance documentation, does not require LiON disposal fees, personnel- or maintenance-planning expenses.
  • Support for premium feature upgrades. The RS2VB080/040 includes a connector for optional hardware-based keys that easily plug in to unlock advanced software algorithms designed to improve performance and enhanced data protection. For instance the SSD Cache with FastPath I/O upgrade allows for using one or more SSD as enhanced cache for the RAID controller which can significantly improve performance of read-intensive applications, such as file, Web and online transaction processing servers.


  • LSI SAS2108 ROC controller providing SAS 2.0 compliance including 6Gb/s data transfer
  • Embedded 512MB 800 MHz DRAM (ECC DDR2 memory) and NAND flash memory to store and protect data in transition
  • Two (080 model) or one (040 model) SFF8087 SAS/SATA connectors for up to eight/ four internal ports
  • x8 PCI Express Generation 2 interface for fast communication with the server board
  • Maintenance free supercap power module unit
  • Remote cable for supercap power module
  • Up to two cables with SFF8087 connectors that expand to 7-pin connectors included


This controller card is compatible with any server that includes PCI-E 2.0 x8 slots.

Model numberRS2VB080
Description6G 8 Internal Port SAS RAID controller with single core ROC, PCIe Gen 2 capable
Target MarketMainstream
Board Form FactorLow-Profile MD2
Data Transfer Rate6 Gb/s
Supported DevicesSAS/SATA
Supported Operating SystemsWindows, Linux, Solaris, VMware
Compatible Battery Backup OptionsMFBU Included with Controller
RAID Level Supported0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60
Number of Ports Internal8
Number of Devices Supported128
Embedded Memory512 MB
PCIe Host InterfacePCI Express 2.0 x 8
IO Processor ModelLSI2108
KeyingPCIe x8 Connector
Connector OrientationTop

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