LSI LSIiBBU01 Battery Backup Unit

LSI Logic Part #/MPN: LSI00012-F

DiscTech Item #: LSI-LSIiBBU01-BN-FW

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Voltage: 3.6V

LSI MegaRAID iBBU LSIiBBU01 / LSI00012-F - Battery Backup Unit - Li-Ion - Brand New

MegaRAID Intelligent Battery Backup Units (iBBU)

Add-on modules that offer all the features of the BBUs with the added functionality to automatically charge the battery pack and communicate with the host system the battery status, such as voltage, temperature and capacity.

This battery can be used on the LSI 300-8X, 300-8XLP, 300-4XLP, 8344ELP, 8308ELP, 84016E adapters

Brand New

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The product is brand new.

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