Qlogic QLE2562 / Dell MFP5T Dual Port 8Gbps Fiber Channel PCI Express Host Bus Adapter

QLOGIC Part #/MPN: QLE2562 PX2810403

DiscTech Item #: QLG-QLE2562-BN-OE-DEL

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Interface Types: Fibre Channel - Internal - Arbitrated Loop ASA II, Fiber Optic - LC/PC, PCIe, SFP

Form Factor: Half-Height/Half-Length

Electrical Interface: FC-AL - 8Gbps

Qlogic QLE2562 / Dell MFP5T Dual Port 8Gbps Fiber Channel  PCI Express Host Bus Adapter - Brand New

Qlogic QLE2562 Dual Port 8Gbps Fiber Channel  PCI Express Host Bus Adapter - Brand New

SFP Modules - Not Included / Optional


QLogic® 2500 Series Adapters are designed to meet the business requirements of the enterprise data center through the lowest possible power consumption and the highest level of performance. These adapters interface to the host server with a PCI Express® (PCIe®) 2.0 bus, ensuring no internal performance bottlenecks.

The 2500 Series 8Gb Adapters are the highest performing adapters in QLogic’s industry-leading Fibre Channel  technology portfolio. Choosing QLogic 8Gb adapters will not only meet today’s demanding data center requirements by providing power and virtualization optimization, but investment protection is built in through backward  compatibility with previous generations’ (4Gb and 2Gb) technology. In addition, 2500 Series Adapters work in both PCIe Gen1 and 2.0 host bus interface platforms. QLogic’s unique Dynamic Power Management technology enables the 2500 Series Adapters to provide the lowest possible power consumption. 


The 2500 Series Adapters deliver enhanced security and quality of service (QoS), and they enable dynamic provisioning. 2500 Series Adapters also allow multiple logical (virtual) connections to share the same physical port. Each logical connection has its own resources and the ability to be managed independently.


The 2500 Series Adapters take advantage of QLogic StarPower technology, ensuring power efficiency. QLogic StarPower technology offers dynamic and adaptive power management features such as power and bandwidth optimized intelligent PCIe link training, low-power switching power supplies, and a thermally efficient layout requiring lower airflows.


The 2500 Series Adapters provide the highest data integrity by ensuring overlapping protection domains (OPDs) on both the control and data paths.  In addition, 2500 Series  adapters use enhanced hardware assist firmware tracing (EHAFT), allowing more comprehensive debugging with standard drivers.


This card will work with servers and high end workstations with an available PCI-Express x8 slot.

Supported Operating Systems*
Windows® Server™ 2008 / 2012 / 2016,  Solaris Sparc; Solaris x86, Linux Red Hat, Linux SUSE SLES, Oracle Linux, Citrix XenServer, VMware ESXi

■ Negotiation
8/4/2Gpbs auto -negotiation

■ IOPS - Up to 2000,000 initiator and target IOPS per port

Topology - FC-AL, FC-AL2, point-to-point, and switched fabric


FORM FACTOR - Low Profile / Full Ht. Bracket


■ PORTS - Dual 8Gbps Fibre Channel / SFP+ with LC-style connector

■ SFP Modules - Not Included / Optional

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ROHS Compliant

Alternate MPNs: MFP5T 0MFP5T 406-BBEK

Weight: 2 lb

Warranty: 2 Month DiscTech

Brand New

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The product is brand new.

2 Month DiscTech Warranty

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