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Enterprise Grade

Capacity: 120GB

Speed: Solid State Memory

Interface Types: SATA

Form Factor: 2.5inx7mm Fits All laptops

Sector Size: 512 / 512e

Sustained Throughput: 470

Electrical Interface: SATA 600 - 6.0Gbps


SSD Endurance DWPD: Enterprise Read Intensive

SanDisk SDLFOEAR-120G 120GB 2.5in 6Gbps eMLC CloudSpeed Ascend SATA SSD - Brand New

SanDisk SDLFOEAR-120G 120GB 2.5" 6.0 Gbps Enterprise Multi-Level Cell CloudSpeed Ascend Serial Advanced Technology Attachment Solid State Disk Drive - Brand New

CloudSpeed Ascend™ SATA SSDs

Cost-effective storage for read-intensive workloads with excellent performance and industry-leading reliability.

CloudSpeed Ascend™ SATA SSDs from SanDisk are the next generation of 19nm eMLC NAND flash technology, providing higher performance than the previous generation and are optimized for enterprise server and cloud computing environments. CloudSpeed Ascend SSDs are ideally suited for read-intensive applications such as, File Servers, Web-based Applications and Virtual Tape Libraries (VTL). The CloudSpeed Ascend SSDs excellent price-performance makes it an ideal replacement for hard disk drives.

Available in capacities of 120GB to 960GB*, CloudSpeed Ascend SSDs feature a 6Gb/s SATA interface and provide data transfer rates up to 470/450 MB/s sequential read/write and performance up to 70K/14K IOPS random read/write. CloudSpeed Ascend SSDs offer high data integrity by employing a combination of powerful error correction and detection, full data path protection, thermal monitoring, and data fail recovery.

Guardian Technology™ Platform

CloudSpeed Ascend SATA SSDs are powered by SanDisk’s proprietary Guardian Technology Platform, a suite of enterprise features that include FlashGuard™, DataGuard™ and EverGuard™ technologies.

FlashGuard Technology combines Aggregated Flash Management, which treats all flash elements as a single system, and Advanced Signal Processing, which dynamically adjusts flash parameters throughout the life of the SSD, to reliably extract significantly more life from cost-effective 19nm eMLC flash, making it suitable for read-intensive application workloads.

DataGuard Technology features full data path protection, safeguarding user data from corruption along all data paths in the SSD.

EverGuard Technology protects against loss of user data in the event of unexpected power interruptions using a 3rd genearation backup power circuit design and high-reliability discrete capacitors.


  • Guardian Technology™ Platform
  • Up to 5x Better Endurance than Client MLC SSDs
  • Powerful Error Correction and Detection
  • Consistent Performance Over Warranted Lifetime
  • High-Reliability Backup Power Circuitry
  • Data Path Protection
  • Data Fail Recovery
  • Thermal Management
  • Comprehensive S.M.A.R.T. Attributes

Read-Intensive Application Workloads

  • File Servers
  • Web-based Applications
  • Virtual Tape Libraries (VTL)


This drive is compatible with any server that accepts 2.5"x7mm (Thin / Case) SATA drives.

Drive ModelSDLFOEAR-120G
InterfaceSATA 6Gb/s
Sequential Read/Write (MB/s)Up to 470/450 MB/s
Random Read/Write (IOPS)Up to 70K/14K IOPS
Access Time<20 ms
19nm eMLC User Capacity120GB
Data Reliability (BER)1 unrecoverable error in 10e17 bits read
MTBF2.5 Million Hours
Data Fail RecoveryRecover up to 1 NAND flash erase block of data
Power Fail RecoveryHigh-reliability backup-power circuitry
Temperature MonitoringPerformance throttling upon warning/critical temperature
DWPD (Random Workload)1DWPD
Vcc5V ± 5%
Active (Typ)5.2W
Shock (Operating)1000g @ 1.0 msec, 1 shock along each axis, X, Y, Z, in each direction
Vibration (Operating)2.17 g rms 7-800 Hz
Operating temperature0 °C to 70 °C (internal)
Storage Temperature-40 °C to 95 °C
Humidity5% to 95%, non-condensing, relative humidity
Altitude-200 feet to 10,000 feet
Length (mm/in)100.2/3.945
Width (mm/in)69.85/2.75 Hrs
Height (mm/in)7.0/0.276

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ROHS Compliant

Weight: 1.5 lb

Warranty: 3 Year Manufacturer

Brand New

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3 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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