SAS / SATA Cables & Adapters

Internal and external SAS /SATA cables and adapters. These cables can be used to connect a SAS or SATA controller to initernal drives or to an external chassis containing these drives.
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Dell GM214 1.5ft / 18" / 0.5m Internal SATA 7pin Female to Female 90° Cable for Poweredge & Optiplex Servers and PCs

Dell Part #/MPN: GM214

Interface Types: SATA Cable 7pin Female, SATA Cable 7pin Female 90°

Length: 0.45m / 17"


Dell G363N Internal SATA Cable for Poweredge T110 T115

Dell Part #/MPN: G363N

Interface Types: SATA

Length: 0.3m / 12"