Dell Hard Drive & SSD Kits

Dell Enterprise Serial Attached SCSI (SAS), Serial ATA (SATA), and Solid State Drives (SSD) in both 2.5" and 3.5" for Dell systems including the Dell PowerEdge and Dell PowerVault Systems.

Dell 14th Gen Systems

PowerEdge R340, PowerEdge R440, PowerEdge R540, PowerEdge R640, PowerEdge R740, PowerEdge R740XD, PowerEdge R940, PowerEdge C6420, PowerEdge R7515, PowerEdge R6515, PowerEdge R7525, PowerEdge R7415, PowerEdge R6525, PowerEdge C6525, PowerEdge R940xa, PowerEdge R7425, PowerEdge R6415, PowerEdge R840

Dell 13th Gen Systems

PowerEdge R330, PowerEdge R430, PowerEdge R530, PowerEdge R630, PowerEdge R730, PowerEdge R730xd, PowerEdge R930, PowerEdge T330, PowerEdge T430 PowerEdge T530, PowerEdge T630, PowerEdge T440, PowerEdge T640, Precision 7910, PowerVault MD1220, PowerVault MD1420, PowerVault MD3420, PowerVault ME4024, PowerVault ME424

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Dell sTec 16 Gb SSD Solid State Hard Drive 5mm PATA PCI-e 0X422G / X422G

Dell Part #/MPN: X422G

Capacity: 16GB

Speed: Solid State Memory

Interface Types: IDE ATA 1.8in ZIF, PCIe

Form Factor: 1.8inx3.5mm Ultrathin Caseless

Electrical Interface: EIDE ATA


Dell R832H 4GB Mini PCIe PATA SSD

Dell Part #/MPN: R832H

Capacity: 4GB

Speed: Solid State Memory

Interface Types: PCIe Mini

Form Factor: 1.8inx5mm

Electrical Interface: EIDE ATA