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MacBook Pro Compatibility with G-Force

Will G-Force drives work in laptops with gravity sensing protection built-in?

YES! The new G-Force drives will work in the Macbook Pro's and other PC based laptops that have implemented hard disk motion sensors that protect a hard disk in the case of the laptop being dropped.

The trick is to turn off the motion sensing technology on the laptop itself. The main problem here is that consumers now how both the laptop and the drive itself trying to protect the hard disk in case someone drops the laptop. The current issues people are having is that the two don't seem to co-operate very well.

Below is a link to the Apple website that discusses how to go about turning off the Apple Sudden Motion Sensor:


This is all that needs to be done to alleviate the current incompatibilities. Other PC based machines with motion detection also should have ways of disabling the onboard protection. We will add links to other manufacturers as we find them.