Adaptec 2274500-R 256MB PCIe SAS SATA RAID Controller

ADAPTEC Part #/MPN: 2274500-R

DiscTech Item #: ADP-2274500-R-BN-OE

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Interface Types: SAS Serial Attached SCSI, SATA, PCIe, SFF-8643

Form Factor: Half-Height/Half-Length

Electrical Interface: PCIe - v3.0 - 16GBps

On-Board Cache: 256MB

Adaptec 2274500-R 256MB 16 Port PCIe SAS/SATA 6Gbps RAID Controller - Brand New

Adaptec 2274500-R 256MB 16 Port PCI Express, SAS, Serial ATA 6.0 Gbps RAID Controller - Brand New

Alt MPN: 71605E

The Adaptec Series 7Q SAS / SATA RAID adapters, with maxCache 3.0, deliver evolved application acceleration benefits with the industry-first read caching solution and support for fully redundant SSD write caching. Adaptec's 71605Q and 7805Q adapters can deliver up to 25x improvement in IOPS and 25x reduction in latency compared to HDD-only storage arrays.

Adaptec maxCache 3.0 – The Evolution of Performance

Adaptec maxCache 1.0 offered significant performance gains for read-intensive applications. By using SSDs to cache copies of frequently accessed (aka "hot") data, maxCache exploits the performance capabilities of SSDs to store/access read data from them rather than spinning media. The read caching function is further improved with maxCache 3.0, with additional optimizations to the learned-path algorithm.

Advancing the performance capabilities of SSD caching to a broader set of application workloads, maxCache 3.0 has evolved to support write caching. By caching writes to a redundant SSD cache pool (RAID1, RAID1E or RAID5), maxCache 3.0 leverages the performance and latency capabilities of SSD technology for both read and write workloads.

Also new to maxCache 3.0 is the inclusion of the Optimized Disk Utilization (ODU) feature. As SSD sizes continue to increase, monopolizing their entire capacity as a cache-pool is becoming less attractive. ODU allows the SSD to be partitioned into both a cache pool and logical device. The logical partition, unlike the cache pool, is exposed to the operating system, and can be used to install an OS to it or store other data that requires fast, low-latency access.

Integration of maxCache 3.0 SSD caching technology is seamless. Adaptec Series 7Q adapters do not require changes to storage architectures, application software or operating systems.

Reduction of Capital and Operating Expenses

With the acceleration of IOPS and reduction of latency, maxCache 3.0 allows data center and cloud computing environments to host more users and perform more transactions per second using less server hardware. The reduction in servers has a direct benefit on capital expenses for server hardware purchases, and additional financial benefit of reducing associated operating costs of power, cooling, and maintenance, delivering a highly reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) solution.

Green Solution

All of the "Q" adapters utilize our Zero-Maintenance Cache Protection (ZMCP), which provides full protection to cached data with no monitoring, maintenance, disposal, or replacement costs. ZMCP features SLC based NAND flash memory with super capacitor technology. During a system power loss, the flash memory-based cache protection can preserve data for years.

Advanced Data Protection

Adaptec RAID Code (ARC) delivers maximum reliability with RAID levels 0, 1, 1E, 5, 6, 10, 50 and 60. ARC also offers RAID Level Migration (the ability to easily migrate RAID levels), Online Capacity Expansion (expand capacity without powering down the server), and Copyback Hot Spare (when a failed drive has been replaced, data is automatically copied from the hot spare back to the restored drive).

Adaptec maxView Storage Manager

Adaptec maxView Storage Manager provides the powerful features of Adaptec Storage Manager™ in an HTML5 web interface that can be viewed in standard desktop or mobile browsers without the need for separate software installation.

  • 6 Gb/s throughput at each port
  • PMC 6Gb/s RoC
  • Adaptec maxCache 3.0 SSD caching support for read and fully redundant write caching
    • Allows configuration of SSD caching pool in RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 1E , RAID 5
    • Supports up to 8 SSDs with up to 2TB of SSD cache
  • Preinstalled flash backup — Adaptec Flash Module (AFM-700) with 2GB NAND flash
  • Maximum performance for up to 16 SSDs (No expander needed)
  • New mini SAS HD connectors and SAS HD cables — for fit and function in dense server con¬figurations
  • Auto configuration of Simple Volume and HBA modes — "set it and forget it"
  • Support for up to 256 SAS and SATA devices
  • Support for SSD, HDD, Autoloader, RBOD, Tape
  • Optimized disk utilization
    • SSDs can be partitioned and some of the capacity can be utilized as separate logical drive to the host (e.g. to boot the OS from)
  • Improve quality of service with reduced latency (25x) and accelerated IOPS (up to 25x)


This controller card is compatible with any server that includes PCI-E Gen 3 slots.

Order Part Number (Single)2274500-R
Model Number71605E
RAID Levels0, 1, 1E, 10
Form FactorMD2-Low Profile
2.535”H x 6.6”L
Ports16 Internal
Connectors4 X SFF-8643
Bus Interface8-Lane PCIe Gen3
ProcessorPMC 6Gb/s RoC
Cache ProtectionNot Supported
SAS HD CablesNot Included
Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows
Red Hat Linux
SUSE Linux
Debian Linux
Ubuntu Linux
Sun Solaris
VMware ESX
Physical Dimensions2.535"H x 6.6"L
Operating Temperature0°C to 55°C (with 200 LFM airflow, without flash); 0°C to 50°C (with 200 LFM airflow, with flash)
Note: This Adaptec card contains a powerful RAID processor which requires adequate airflow to operate reliably. Please install this card only into server or PC chassis with recommended airflow (200 LFM).
Operating Current0.1A @ 3.3VDC and 1.5A @ 12.0 VDC
Regulatory CertificationCE, FCC, UL, C-tick, VCCI, KCC, CNS
Environmental ComplianceRoHS
MTBF645,612 hours at 40°C

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ROHS Compliant

Alternate MPNs: 71605E

Weight: 2 lb

Warranty: 1 Year DiscTech

Brand New

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