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Refurbishing Process

Are you fearful of refurbished products?

More than 70% of DiscTech’s annual revenues come from Brand New equipment, however, we also offer certified and refurbished products. This allows us to service your replacement-part needs for trailing-edge systems, as well as offering outstanding value, all-the-while protected by our industry-leading warranty.

We recertify pre-owned hardware in-house. We use state-of-the-art diagnostic software, test benches and manufacturing tools to ensure that all refurbished goods on offer are fully functional and in excellent health. All our refurbished products are professionally cleaned & re-packaged and are protected by our industry-leading warranty.

Hard Drive Recertification

At DiscTech we take a great deal of pride in our recertified hard drives and put each individual disk through a state-of-the-art diagnostics process before allowing it to be packaged and shipped out to you, the customer. Each hard disk drive is put through a series of tests that allow for us to discern whether or not it is meets our standards of quality.

By inspecting not only the physical aspects of the drive, but also the performance and health of the hard drive internals, we can confidently deliver unrivaled quality & performance. Looking at simply the physicality or base functionality of the drives is never enough to ensure the performance and longevity of the components. Hence, our examination of the HDD includes a number of diagnostics tests that assess performance abilities and well-being of the hard drive. These include random read and write tests, random butterfly testing, and determining the presence of grown defects.

Finally, if the drive successfully passes the entire process, meeting our rigorous standards, we then thoroughly clean the unit and wrap it in new ESD compliant packaging. We do our very best to ensure that the grade of the HDD we supply is up to manufacturer standards and is ready to protect your valuable data before we allow it to make its way to your doorstep.

Our 21-point refurbishing process includes the following:

  • Visually inspect the drive
    • Check the label
    • Check the PCB and chassis
    • Check the connectors
  • Delete existing partition table
  • Low Level Format
  • Block Level Sequential Write Test
  • Block Level Sequential Read Test
  • Random Read and Write Test. Depending on the size of the disk we run this test from 300 to 1440 minutes.
  • 60 Minute Random Butterfly Test
  • Check for the presence of grown defects, evaluate and reject as necessary.
  • Check the drive's S.M.A.R.T Log for
    • Reallocated Sectors
    • Spin Retry count
    • G-Sense Error Rate
    • Current Pending Sector Count
    • Uncorrectable Sector Count
    • Ultra DMA CRC Error Count
    • Load/Unload Retry Count
  • Check the drive's power on hours. We use this information to verify the condition level.
  • Remove all Non-Factory stickers
  • Clean the drive with a solvent to remove all dirt and markings from the drive
  • Package the drive in an antistatic bag

If you still have any remaining questions regarding our refurbishing process, please feel free to contact us!