IDE Cables & Adapters

IDE, EIDE. ATAPI Device Cables & adapters.

We offer ribbon cables, and circular cross section (round) EIDE cables for connection to ATAPI CD-ROM, DVD-ROM and IDE / ATA Hard Drives.

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Dell 4W941 PowerEdge 4-Pin Power Adapter for IDE / SCSI Hard Drives

Dell Part #/MPN: 4W941

Interface Types: Molex 4 pin

Length: 0.1m / 4"


RS232 Serial Cable DB9 Male to DB9 Female - 2m / 6ft


Interface Types: Serial RS-232 DB9

Length: 2m / 7ft


IDE / ATA / PATA Laptop hard drive to desktop adapter

Generic Part #/MPN: CAB-IDE-INT-44p-40p-BN-OE

Interface Types: IDE ATA 2.5in IDC44M for laptop

Electrical Interface: EIDE ATA


Dell PD147 Hard Drive LED Cable Assembly

Dell Part #/MPN: PD147

Interface Types: Header 4 pin

Length: 0.3m / 12"


Micro SATA to 44-pin IDE Adapter


Interface Types: IDE ATA 2.5in IDC44M for laptop, SATA 1.8in Micro for ultra mobile applications

Length: 0.06m / 2.5"


ASUS 14010-00130700 Flexible 2-Way SLI Bridge

ASUS COMPUTER Part #/MPN: 14010-00130700

Interface Types: Riser

Length: 0.9m / 34"


Floppy Cable - External Parallel Port to Floppy-Disk Module Cable

Dell Part #/MPN: 45647

Interface Types: Parallel Printer DB25

Length: 0.6m / 24"


EMC 250-038-900A Fibre Channel Adapter

EMC Part #/MPN: 250-038-900A

Interface Types: IDE ATA 3.5in, Fibre Channel - Internal - Arbitrated Loop ASA II


ZIF to 40pin PATA / IDE Adapter

Generic Part #/MPN: CAB-IDE-INT-ZIF-40p-BN-OE

Interface Types: IDE ATA 1.8in ZIF

Electrical Interface: EIDE ATA


IDE Ribbon Cable for 2.5" Laptop Drives 44pin Female to 44pin Female 20cm / 8"

Generic Part #/MPN: CAB-IDE-INT-44p-44p-20cm-BN-OE

Interface Types: IDE ATA 2.5in IDC44M for laptop

Length: 0.2m / 9"

Electrical Interface: EIDE ATA

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