Power Supplies

Power supplies for networking routers and switches.

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Dell 450-AEBL / W12Y2 / Y3H8J 1100W Redundant PSU

Dell Part #/MPN: 450-AEBL

Wattage/VA: 1100W

Voltage: 12V


Intel DPS-250AB 50B 250W Power Supply

INTEL Part #/MPN: DPS-250AB-50B

Wattage/VA: 250W

Voltage: 110-240V Multi


IBM 39Y7389 / 39Y7388 920W Power Supply Cage

IBM Part #/MPN: 39Y7389

IBM 39Y7389 / 39Y7388 920W Power Supply Cage for X3400 / X3500 M3 - Brand New


Dell HHO66 PSU for PowerEdge 850 860 R200

Dell Part #/MPN: HH066

Wattage/VA: 345W

Voltage: 110-240V Multi


Dell 450-AEKP / 6V43G 034X1 / X185V / NCNFF 550 Power Supply Unit

Dell Part #/MPN: 450-AEKP

Wattage/VA: 550W

Voltage: 110-120V


Dell XTVK2 750W PowerEdge R820 R720 R620 R520 Power Supply

Dell Part #/MPN: XTVK2

Wattage/VA: 750W

Voltage: 110-240V Multi


IBM 39Y7377 835W Power Supply Unit

IBM Part #/MPN: 39Y7377

Wattage/VA: 835W

Voltage: 110-240V Multi


IBM 39Y7191 / 43W5902 / Artesyn 7001377-Y000 700W Redundant Power Supply

IBM Part #/MPN: 39Y7191

Wattage/VA: 700W

Voltage: 110-240V Multi


Dell LA90PM130 90W Power Adapter

Dell Part #/MPN: LA90PM130

Wattage/VA: 90W

Voltage: 19.5V


IBM 43X3296 / 39Y7324 / 39Y7323 / Artesyn 7001455-Y000 430W Power Supply Cage

IBM Part #/MPN: 43X3296

Wattage/VA: 420W

Voltage: 110-240V Multi


Hewlett Packard 411077-001 393527-001 411076-001 700W Power Supply Unit

HEWLETT PACKARD Part #/MPN: 411077-001

Wattage/VA: 700W

Voltage: 110-240V Multi


Cisco AIR-PWRINJ - 48V DC Power Injector and AC Adapter AIR-PWRINJ


Wattage/VA: 15.4W

Voltage: 48V