DiscTech Believes in Our Future

Green Initiative

At DiscTech we take pride not only in being leaders in providing data storage and IT systems, but we also take care in running a clean, green, and eco-friendly business. We have reduced our CO2 footprint by 200 tons, and produced over 500,000 kWh of electricity in the last six years. How did we do this? We carefully planned how to integrate ecologically friendly systems into a busy & efficient workplace and determined the following methods (as recommended by the California Energy Center).

We installed numerous skylights located throughout our offices to utilize daylight harvesting.

We added photosensors to ensure lights only activate when there is insufficient daylight available.

We generate our own electricity, using photo voltaic units installed on the roof, allowing us to meet over 50% of our daily power needs in house.

We installed motion detectors and timers for lighting to overcome the issue of forgotten lights left on in empty rooms, effectively decreasing electricity consumption.

We installed LED lights inside and out, the most energy efficient bulbs currently available, which use only a fraction of the electricity of traditional lighting.

We have a well insulated building which results in minimal use of our 2-stage 19-SEER HVAC systems.

We have kept over 1.1 million hard drives out of landfills by sanitizing, certifying and repurposing them to new users.

We worked hard to become an LEED Silver compliant building, and we continue striving in a number of ways to remain eco-friendly. In addition to our effectivity in reducing electricity usage, we use tank-less water heaters which utilize natural gases to instantly heat water as it is needed instead of keeping unnecessarily large quantities of water heated at all times.

Not only do we recycle used paper, plastics and packaging in our warehouse, but we all do our personal best to cut down on excess waste by remembering to bring in reusable water bottles and beverage cups, and taking advantage of the water filtration system. Additionally the majority of employees live nearby and are encouraged to car-pool and utilize public transportation as a greener means of getting to and from work.

We are delighted to be able to share with you our positive approach to a green future, and assure you of our continuing commitment to better and even more sustainable methods.

If you want to make a responsible choice, choose DiscTech.