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DiscTech Customized - IT Hardware Solutions & Supply-Chain Tailored To Your Business Needs

Our customized inventory services are very popular with Managed Service Providers and mid-sized to large corporations where standardization and scalability are priorities. By using DiscTech Customized, you can outsource myriad logistical problems and get back to managing your IT department. We're flexible, we're savvy and we're here to help.

Customized Inventory:

We can maintain inventory in various locations to facilitate low latency delivery of commonly needed parts, or mission critical components.

Customized Configuration:

For systems we can load configurations and/or software installations to save your IT professionals and users precious time and energy. We can pre-configure settings & options in both hardware & software.

Customized Firmware:

For components we can pre-install firmware, boot-loaders & BIOS revisions.

Customized Kits and Packages:

Perhaps you want field installation kits containing certain items, configurations, firmware or packaging. We can prepare kits & solutions to your specifications. Stocked to meet your needs, ready for same day shipment.

Case Studies:

For example we've built complete mobile-racks containing servers and disk arrays for military applications overseas. We've created field installation kits containing firewalls, the necessary cabling, adapters and instructions for end-users to remotely access their corporate intranet. We've stocked critical server components, such as power supplies and hard drives ready for next flight deployments.

As with the majority of our IT components, we stock these items for same-day shipment. It’s easy to find & order these parts on our website, however, if you have any questions regarding compatibility or integration please do not hesitate to open a web-chat or just pick up the phone. Our technical engineers are available daily, during regular business hours.

We have no minimum volume and are keen to help you optimize your business operations.

Experience the DiscTech difference, today.

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