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System Design & Architecture

DiscTech provides infrastructure design, implementation and support services for enterprises of all sizes. We work synergistically with your existing information technology staff to extend their capabilities and minimize their burden during infrastructure upgrades and changes. We can provide the full spectrum of I.T. capabilities, from high level strategy and planning to racking equipment and attaching cables. We offer all the services you need, yet customize our offering to avoid any that you don't.

We ensure that your systems exceed your functional requirements. We provide service and support of those systems. We do this efficiently and professionally. As a result your company will be as competitive as possible.

DiscTech will identify your current technology assets and include them in your long term planning to diminish costs, improve services, and thereby increase your own profits.

Services Currently Offered:

Infrastructure Architecture

Provide complete system design, planning & long term strategy.

Network Systems Support

Implement, manage, support, and enhance your computer network

IT Consulting

Provide systems analysis to aid in process optimization or other functional improvements.

Staff Support

Provide a resource for your technology staff to escalate issues to.

Systems Audit

Evaluate your current technology assets.

Online Services Currently Offered:

On-line data backup and retrieval to our secure servers.

Managed Spam Filtration and management.