Alvaco 2180 SW OptiQroute Load Balancer

ALVACO Part #/MPN: 2180SW

DiscTech Item #: ALV-2180SW-BN-1Y

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Interface Types: Ethernet RJ45

On-Board Cache: 192MB

Bays/Ports/Slots: 8

Alvaco Networks OptiQroute 2180 SW Load Balancer - 8 WAN Ports - Brand New

Dynamic DNS: Saves your workload when your ISP is not stable.


Proxy ARP: The unit can be added into an existing network without changing the original configurations.


VRRP: Provides fault tolerant/backup capability to the network in case one unit might be down. The backup unit will take over and become the master one and still service the whole network.



Higher Bandwidth and Perfect Inbound/Outbound Load Balancing:

  • 8x100 Mbps line aggregated from your ISP, ADSL, cable or mixed
  • Load balanced throughput up to 100 Mbps ( highest possible )


Stronger Hardware Support:

  • 16 MB Flash
  • 192MB SDRAM
  • 1MB SRAM
  • PowerPC 333 MHz CPU


Huge Private Communication Tunnels:

  • Up to 300 LAN-to-LAN and up to 800 Road Warrior VPN tunnels
  • Virtual server load balancing


Comprehensive Network Security Suite:

  • VPN / SPI firewall
  • NAT / PAT
  • DMZ host to separate your local LAN from the hostile internet

Brand New

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