Cisco C1-CISCO4321/K9 Integrated Service Router

CISCO Part #/MPN: C1-CISCO4321-K9

DiscTech Item #: CIS-C1-CISCO4321-K9-BN-OE

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Interface Types: USB 2.0, Ethernet RJ45, SFP, GBIC

Electrical Interface: Ethernet Gigabit - 1Gbps

On-Board Cache: 4GB

Bays/Ports/Slots: 2

U Height: 1U

Wattage/VA: 260W

Voltage: 110-240V Multi

Cisco ONE C1-CISCO4321/K9 4321 / 4000 Series ISR - 2 GE, 1 NIM Slots, 4GB DRAM, 4GB Flash, IP Base - Brand New

Cisco ONE C1-CISCO4321/K9 4321 / 4000 Series Integrated Service Router - 2 Gigabit Ethernet, 1Network Interface Module Slot, 4GB DRAM, 4GB Flash, Internet Protocol Base - Brand New

Cisco 4000 Series Integrated Service Routers

Easily grow your branch offices with these industry-leading router capabilities:

  • Networking, services, computing, and storage integrated into a single form factor
  • Consistent, gigabit performance while multiple services run concurrently
  • Modular Cisco IOS® XE Software, which quickly adapts to changing needs
  • Integrated Cisco Intelligent WAN features, including application awareness, quality of service, and WAN optimization
  • SDN-based automation of IWAN feature configuration with IWAN app
  • Pervasive security with VPN options, threat defense services, and consistent policy enforcement
  • Trust Anchor Technologies, protecting against modern cyberattacks, as well as counterfeit and unauthorized modification of hardware and software
  • A range of WAN access connectivity options such as 4G LTE, T1/E1, T3/E3, xDSL, serial, and fiber Gigabit Ethernet

Auto-configuration of Cisco Intelligent WAN features helps deliver software-defined wide area networking (SD WAN) to enterprise networks.

Meet All Your Branch Needs with One Device
As you build out the digital capabilities in your enterprise branch offices, consider the full-service sophistication of the Cisco® 4000 Series Integrated Services Routers (ISRs). The 4000 Series ISRs consolidate many must-have IT functions, including network, security, compute, storage, and unified communications. So you get everything you need in a single platform. That means significant savings in capital, operational, and management expenses for lower total cost of ownership.

The platform is modular and upgradable, so you can add new services without changing equipment. It supports multiple application-aware services concurrently while maintaining WAN performance of up to 2 Gbps, even during heavy traffic loads. The backplane architecture supports high-bandwidth, module-to-module communication at speeds up to 10 Gbps. The 4000 Series includes Cisco Trust Anchor Technologies that help mitigate modern cyberattacks by verifying platform integrity and providing protection from counterfeit and unauthorized modification of hardware and software. The 4000 Series contains five platforms: the 4451, 4431, 4351, 4331, 4321 and 4221 ISRs.

Intelligent Services Reduce Bandwidth Costs
The 4000 Series runs Cisco Intelligent WAN (IWAN), a comprehensive set of traffic control and security features. With IWAN, you get all the business-grade capabilities of a Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) VPN using other types of less-expensive links. You get per-application traffic management, WAN optimization, and VPN tunneling, for example, which you can put to work across Internet, cellular, and other lowercost services as you add connections. And you can activate new router services on demand through a simple licensing change.

Remote application installation and management capabilities mean you don’t need local IT staff to deliver a fully comprehensive computing and networking experience in the branch. That comes in handy in new or smaller sites where you don’t have IT personnel already. All this plus convergence and stable, high-speed performance means you can now roll out your branch services at the speed of business.

Near-Instant IWAN Configuration
You can now configure your Cisco IWAN features in next to no time, thanks to Cisco’s enterprise software-defined networking (SDN) controller, the Application Policy Infrastructure Controller Enterprise Module (APIC EM). APIC EM allows you to automate lots of tasks across the network.

You can implement an SDN on your Cisco WAN infrastructure without having to upgrade your equipment; you just install the no-charge APIC EM software-based controller between your applications and network infrastructure. The controller translates business policy directly into network device-level policy for automatic compliance with your corporate and industry-mandated polices.

For additional WAN management simplicity, customers can also use the IWAN app for APIC EM. The app automates the configuration of Cisco Intelligent WAN features, such as quality of service (QoS), WAN optimization, and security, in Cisco branch and edge WAN routers. The app slashes what used to require 1000 command-line interface (CLI) steps to just 10 mouse clicks per site. With the IWAN app’s template functionality, the ability to configure, deploy, and manage large numbers of branch offices has never been easier.

Cisco ONE ISR 4321Integrated Service Routers
Model NumberC1-CISCO4321/K9
Management Port1 GE (Integrated Out of Band)
Form Factor1 Rack Unit (RU), Desktop
Poe Support (Wattage) with PoE Boost260W
Server Virtualization Platform (UCS E-Series)N/A
Identity-Based NetworkingNo
Integrated Services Card (ISC) Slots1 (PVDM 4)
Maximum Switched Ethernet LAN Ports with PoEN/A
Default/Max Flash4 GB/8 GB
Redundant Power SupplyNo
Hardware VPN Acceleration (DES, 3DES, AES)No
PoE Support (Wattage) without PoE Boost120 W
Zone-Based Firewall and NAT ServicesVRF-Aware Firewall and Network Address Translation (NAT)
Module Online Insertion and Removal (OIR)Yes
Enhanced Services Module (SM-X)N/A
Power Supply TupeExternal:
  • AC
  • PoE
    Maximum Spitched Ethernet PortsN/A
    EtherSwithc Service Module Type (Width)N/A
    Performance50 Mbps Upgradable to 100 Mbps
    USB Port (Type A)1
    Cisco Cloud Web SecurityYes
    Default/Max DRAM4 GB/ 8 GB
    Network Interface Modules (NIM)2
    Intrusion PreventionYes
    Integrated WAN Ports1 GE / SFP 1 GE

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    ROHS Compliant

    Alternate MPNs: C1-CISCO4321/K9

    Weight: 10 lb

    Warranty: 1 Year DiscTech

    Brand New

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    The product is brand new.

    1 Year DiscTech Warranty

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