Dell 341-5898 F989F PR174 PERC 6e 6/E SAS / Serial Attached SCSI RAID Controller

Dell Part #/MPN: 341-5898

DiscTech Item #: DEL-341-5898-RF-OE


Interface Types: SAS Serial Attached SCSI, SATA, PCIe, SFF-8470

Encryption/SED Supported

Electrical Interface: SAS-1 Serial Attached SCSI - 3.0Gbps

On-Board Cache: 256MB

Bays/Ports/Slots: 8

Dell PERC 6e 6/E Dual Channel SAS / Serial Attached SCSI RAID Controller, BBU, 256MB Cache PCI Express 341-5898 - Refurbished OEM

Alt Part Numbers F989F 0F989F PR174 0PR174

Dell PERC 6e 6/E Dual Channel SAS / Serial Attached SCSI RAID Controller, BBU, 256MB Cache PCI Express 2x SFF-8470 341-5898 -  New Pull OEM

Each PERC 6 controller offers a 256 MB double data rate 2 (DDR2) cache memory, with the PERC 6/E supporting upgrades to 512 MB to allow quick access to additional data and help increase performance. PERC 6 controllers also include a battery backup unit to protect data in the controller cache during a system power and/or controller failure. PERC 6 controllers support RAID levels 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, and 60.


  • 3 Gb/s (Gigabit per second) half-duplex max speed for each port. 6 Gb/s full-duplex max speed.
  • Two external x4 (“by four”) SAS connectors, each containing 4 ports for a total bandwidth per connector of 12 Gb/s.
  • x8 PCI-Express host interface for a total bandwidth of 4 GB/s.
  • 256MB of Error Correcting Code (ECC), transportable, battery-backed, cache for base model with an option for a card that has 512MB.
  • LSI 1078 SAS/SATA RAID-on-Chip device


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