Dell 540-BBHJ / 67XRW / C63DV Intel X520 Dual SFP+ 10GbE / i350 Dual RJ-45 1GbE Ethernet Mezzanine Daughter Card Quad Port Network Adapter for PowerEdge

Dell Part #/MPN: 540-BBHJ

DiscTech Item #: DEL-540-BBHJ-NP-OE


Interface Types: Ethernet RJ45, PCIe, SFP

Electrical Interface: Ethernet 10Gigabit - 10Gbps

Compatible Systems: Dell 14th Gen. R640/R740, Dell 13th Gen. R730/T630, Dell 12th Gen. R720/T620

Dell 540-BBHJ / 67XRW / C63DV Intel X520 Dual SFP+ 10GbE / i350 Dual RJ-45 1GbE Ethernet Mezzanine Daughter Card Quad Port Network Adapter for PowerEdge - New Pull

Dell now offers Intel X520 / i350 Quad Port 540-BBHJ / 67XRW.   Features Dual Intel i350 1GbE RJ-45 Copper Ethernet (GbE) RNDC Network Interface and Dual Intel X520 10GbE SFP+ Fiber Ethernet for Select Dell® PowerEdge® rack and tower servers. It leverages Intel's long-standing industry leadership in Ethernet, providing the highest levels of performance, efficiency, and scalability for the enterprise data center

SFP Modules Sold Separately: See 407-BCBE in related items below. 


  • Quad-port (2x 1GbE & 2x 10GbE) NIC for select Dell PowerEdge rack and tower servers
  • Precision Time Protocol (PTP)
  • Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE)
  • Full line-rate performance across all ports
  • Broad OS and hypervisor support
  • iSCSI remote boot support
  • Preboot eXecution Environment (PXE) support
  • Support for VMware® NetQueue™ and Microsoft® VMQ
  • Link aggregation and automatic load-balancing
  • Wake-on-LAN support
  • MSI and MSI-X support
  • IPv4 and v6 offloads
  • Stateless offload
  • TCP, UDP, and IP checksum

Alternate Part Numbers: 67XRW C63DV


This Dell Broadcom network adapter is compatible with Dell / EMC PowerEdge servers ...

  • PowerEdge M710
  • PowerEdge R620
  • PowerEdge R630
  • PowerEdge R630XL
  • PowerEdge R640
  • PowerEdge R710
  • PowerEdge R715
  • PowerEdge R720
  • Poweredge R720xd
  • PowerEdge R730
  • PowerEdge R730XD
  • PowerEdge R730xd XL
  • PowerEdge R730XL
  • PowerEdge R740
  • PowerEdge R740XD
  • PowerEdge R7425
  • PowerEdge R815
  • PowerEdge R820
  • PowerEdge R840
  • PowerEdge R910
  • PowerEdge R920
  • PowerEdge R930
  • PowerEdge R940
  • PowerEdge R940xa
  • PowerVault NX3200
  • PowerVault NX3240
  • PowerVault NX3300
  • PowerVault NX3340

General - Dell 540-BBHJ / 67XRW / DPN: C63DV
Mezzanine Daughter Board for PowerEdge Servers
Intel X520 2 x 1GbE RJ-45 Ports
Intel i350 2 x 10GbE SFP+ Ports (SFP modules sold separately)
Bus type x1 PCI Express 2.0 (5 GT/s) Integrated
Data transfer rate per port 10/100/1000 Mbps

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Alternate MPNs: 67XRW C63DV

Weight: 1 lb

Warranty: 1 Year DiscTech

New Pull

Condition Levels Explained

The product has been mounted in a brand new system (e.g. server), then removed from the system, before entering service. These products may have some hours of usage due to system build time / burn-in / testing etc. New Pulls are guaranteed to have at least 95% (often 99%) of their service life remaining , they may show signs of being physically mounted and dismounted. All handling is performed by trained technicians, taking full ESD precautions.

1 Year DiscTech Warranty

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