Dell KXTTW / CC0DT / 492-BBOF 45W AC Adapter with 4.5mm Barrel connector for most Inspiron, Latitude and Vostro laptops

Dell Part #/MPN: KXTTW

DiscTech Item #: DEL-KXTTW-BN-OE


Wattage/VA: 45W

Voltage: 110-240V Multi

Dell KXTTW / LA45NM140 / 0285K / YTFJC / 70VTC HA45NM140 / CC0DT / 492-BBOF 45W AC Adapter / power cord / cable with 4.5mm Barrel connector for most Inspiron, Latitude and Vostro laptops - Brand New

Dell KXTTW / LA45NM140 45W AC Adapter Charger Power Cord with 4.5mm x 3.0mm Barrel Connector w/ Center Pin

Other Alternate part numbers compatible with this adapter:

Dell 0285K / YTFJC / HA45NM140 / 70VTC / Y9R63 / DA45NM140 / HK45NM140 / CDF57 / CC0DT / 492-BBOF

This product is compatible with select Inspiron, Latitude and Vostro laptops. See full compatibility below:


This product is compatible with the following systems:

Inspiron 3152Inspiron 3153Inspiron 3157Inspiron 3158
Inspiron 3162Inspiron 3163Inspiron 3168Inspiron 3169
Inspiron 3179Inspiron 3180Inspiron 3185Inspiron 3195
Inspiron 5301Inspiron 5368Inspiron 5370Inspiron 5378
Inspiron 5379Inspiron 7348Inspiron 7352Inspiron 7353
Inspiron 7359Inspiron 7368Inspiron 7370Inspiron 7373
Inspiron 7375Inspiron 7378Inspiron 7380Inspiron 7386
Inspiron 3451Inspiron 3452Inspiron 3458Inspiron 3459
Inspiron 3462Inspiron 3467Inspiron 3473Inspiron 3480
Inspiron 3481Inspiron 3482Inspiron 3490Inspiron 3493
Inspiron 5400Inspiron 5401Inspiron 5402Inspiron 5406
Inspiron 5451Inspiron 5452Inspiron 5455Inspiron 5458
Inspiron 5459Inspiron 5480Inspiron 5481Inspiron 5482
Inspiron 5485Inspiron 5490Inspiron 5491Inspiron 5493
Inspiron 5494Inspiron 7460Inspiron 7472Inspiron 3500
Inspiron 3501Inspiron 3505Inspiron 3551Inspiron 3552
Inspiron 3555Inspiron 3558Inspiron 3559Inspiron 3565
Inspiron 3567Inspiron 3573Inspiron 3576Inspiron 3580
Inspiron 3581Inspiron 3582Inspiron 3583Inspiron 3584
Inspiron 3585Inspiron 3590Inspiron 3593Inspiron 3595
Inspiron 5501Inspiron 5505Inspiron 5551Inspiron 5552
Inspiron 5555Inspiron 5558Inspiron 5559Inspiron 5559
Inspiron 5565Inspiron 5566Inspiron 5567Inspiron 5568
Inspiron 5570Inspiron 5575Inspiron 5578Inspiron 5579
Inspiron 5580Inspiron 5582Inspiron 5583Inspiron 5584
Inspiron 5585Inspiron 5590Inspiron 5591Inspiron 5593
Inspiron 5594Inspiron 7558Inspiron 7560Inspiron 7568
Inspiron 7569Inspiron 7570Inspiron 7572Inspiron 7573
Inspiron 7579Inspiron 7580Inspiron 3780Inspiron 3781
Inspiron 3782Inspiron 3785Inspiron 3790Inspiron 3793
Inspiron 5755Inspiron 5758Inspiron 5759Inspiron 5765
Inspiron 5767Inspiron 5770Inspiron 5775Inspiron 3050
Inspiron 3060 AIOInspiron 3460 AIOInspiron Chromebook 11I 3181Inspiron Chromebook 11I 3181 2-in-1
Latitude Rugged Extreme 7212Latitude Rugged Extreme Tablet 7220Latitude Rugged Extreme Tablet 7220EXLatitude 3310 2-in-1
Latitude 3379 2-in-1Latitude 3390 2-in-1Latitude 3400Latitude 3410
Latitude 3500Latitude 3510Latitude 7202Latitude E5450
Vostro 5301Vostro 5370Vostro 3400Vostro 3401
Vostro 3405Vostro 3458Vostro 3459Vostro 3468
Vostro 3478Vostro 3480Vostro 3481Vostro 3490
Vostro 5401Vostro 5402Vostro 5459Vostro 5471
Vostro 5481Vostro 5490Vostro 3500Vostro 3501
Vostro 3558Vostro 3559Vostro 3565Vostro 3568
Vostro 3572Vostro 3578Vostro 3580Vostro 3581
Vostro 3583Vostro 3584Vostro 3590Vostro 5501
Vostro 5502Vostro 5568Vostro 5581Vostro 5590

Tech Specs

4.5mm x 3.0mm Round Barrel with Center Pin

    Device TypePower adapter - external
Power Device
    Input Voltage100-240V 50/60Hz
    Output Voltage19.5 V @ 2.31 A
    Power Provided45 Watt
    Cables Included1x 6ft 3 prong power cable

ROHS Compliant

Alternate MPNs: 0KXTTW 0285K 00285K YTFJC 0YTFJC HA45NM140 LA45NM140 70VTC 070VTC DA45NM140 HK45NM140 Y9R63 0Y9R63 CDF57 0CDF57 CC0DT 0CC0DT 492-BBOF

Weight: 1.5 lb

Warranty: 1 Year DiscTech

Brand New

Condition Levels Explained

The product is brand new.

1 Year DiscTech Warranty

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The product has a DiscTech warranty for the time period specified. View our limited warranty