Dell VCRY6 / Toshiba HK4E THNSF8800CCSE 800GB Mixed Use SATA SSD

Toshiba Part #/MPN: THNSF8800CCSE

DiscTech Item #: TOS-THNSF8800CCSE-BN-OE-DEL

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Enterprise Grade

Capacity: 800GB

Speed: Solid State Memory

Interface Types: SATA

Form Factor: 2.5inx7mm Fits All laptops

Sector Size: 512 / 512e

Sustained Throughput: 500/400

Electrical Interface: SATA 600 - 6.0Gbps


SSD Endurance DWPD: Enterprise Mixed Use

Dell VCRY6 / Toshiba HK4E THNSF8800CCSE 800GB 6Gbps eMLC Mixed Use 3-DWPD Enterprise SATA SSD - Brand New OEM

Toshiba HK4E Series THNSF8800CCSE 800GB 6Gbps eMLC Mixed Use 3-DWPD Enterprise SATA SSD - Brand New

Enterprise Value Endurance SSD
The HK4E Enterprise SATA SSD is specifically engineered for value-endurance workloads.   The HK4E eSSD delivers high reliability, high performance and low power usage.  Data center and enterprise applications benefit from the excellent quality of service provided by the series.

Key Features

  • SATA 6.0 Gbit/s Interface
  • Capacities up to 800 GB
  • 3 DWPD endurance 
  • Power Loss Protection and End-to-End Data Protection


  • Enterprise server and storage systems
  • Exchange mail servers
  • Ecommerce
  • Web servers
  • SQL databases
  • Indexing
  • Data center storage
  • OLTP
  • VDI



This drive is compatible with any server that accepts 2.5in x 7mm SATA drives.

Basic Specification
Intel Model NumberTHNSF8800CCSE
Interface Speed6.0 Gbit/s , 3.0 Gbit/s , 1.5 Gbit/s
Memory TypeMLC
Formatted Capacity800GB
Sustained 64KiB Sequential Read500 MiB/s
Sustained 64KiB Sequential Write480 MiB/s
Sustained 4KiB Random Read75,000 IOPS
Sustained 4KiB Random Write30,000 IOPS
MTTF2,000,000 hours
Power Requirements
Supply Voltage5 V ±5 %
Power Consumption (Operating)4.5 W Typ.
Power Consumption (Idle)1.2 W Typ.
Height7.0 mm +0 , -0.5 mm
Width69.85 ±0.25 mm
Length100.45 mm Max.
Weight60 g Max
Environmental Specifications
Temperature (Operating)0 to 55 °C
Relative Humidity (Operating)5 to 95 % R.H.
Vibration (Operating)21 m/s {2.17 Grms} (100 to 800 Hz)
Shock (Operating)9,800 m/s {1,000 G} (0.5 ms duration)

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ROHS Compliant

Alternate MPNs: VCRY6 0VCRY6

Weight: 0.5 lb

Warranty: 1 Year DiscTech

Brand New

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The product is brand new.

1 Year DiscTech Warranty

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