HGST 0TS1381 800GB SED SAS Solid State Drive

Hitachi Part #/MPN: 0TS1381

DiscTech Item #: HIT-0TS1381-BN-5Y

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Enterprise Grade

Capacity: 800GB

Speed: Solid State Memory

Interface Types: SAS Serial Attached SCSI

Form Factor: 2.5inx15mm SFF Server Drive

Encryption/SED Supported

Sector Size: 512 / 512e

Sustained Throughput: 1800/1000

Average Seek Time: 100μs

Electrical Interface: SAS-3 Serial Attached SCSI v3 - 12.0Gbps


SSD Endurance DWPD: Enterprise Mixed Use

HGST / Hitachi Ultrastar SS200 0TS1381 / SDLL1DLR-800G-CDA1 800GB 2.5-Inch 12Gbps MLC Enterprise Mixed Use SED SAS Solid State Drive - Brand New

HGST / Hitachi Ultrastar SS200 0TS1381 / SDLL1DLR-800G-CDA1 800GB 2.5" 12.0 Gb/s MLC / Multi-Level Cell Enterprise Mixed Use 3-DWPD / Drive Writes Per Day SED Self-Encrypting SAS / Serial Attached SCSI SSD / Solid State Drive - Brand New

HGST Part#: 0TS1381

Supports TCG / Trusted Computing Group Encryption

Ultrastar® SS200
SAS Enterprise Solid State Drives

Easily Scale Enterprise Flash Storage with Workload-Optimized SAS SSDs
Leveraging widely deployed SAS storage infrastructure to scale out enterprise flash is critical for budget-conscious data centers trying to keep pace with an ever increasing volume and velocity of data generated daily. The Ultrastar® SS200 solid state drive (SSD) is a 12Gb/s SAS Enterprise SSD from HGST that helps transform hybrid and all-flash data centers by scaling flash storage capacities using workload-optimized solutions to deliver exceptional value.

Data center managers can target performance acceleration of mixed-use application workloads such as Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) or push the capacity envelope on read-intensive workloads like data warehousing and corporate file servers. HGST continues to build on its strong tradition of leading-edge SAS SSD products to deliver more capacity, improved performance and continued emphasis on reliability to enable universal flash adoption in enterprise storage.

HGST Delivers High Capacity, High Performance SAS SSD with Cost-Effectiveness and Data Reliability
Ultrastar SS200 SSDs integrate SanDisk-brand 15nm NAND and the enterprisetested Guardian Technology™ platform to deliver enterprise-grade reliability, endurance and performance. Delivering up to 1,800MB/s and 250,000 4KiB IOPS read performance combined with exceptional write performance, the drive enables valuable application acceleration without compromise. With significantly improved performance consistency and associated Quality of Service (QoS) metrics, this generation of SAS SSDs can help meet stringent enterprise application service level agreements (SLAs).

Available in capacity points from 400GB to 7.68TB, Ultrastar SS200 SSDs also offer a choice of endurance options of either 3 random drive writes per day (DW/D) for mixed-use workloads or 1 random DW/D for read-intensive workloads.

Proven Provider of Enterprise-Grade SSD Products
HGST leverages decades of proven enterprise storage expertise in Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) design, reliability, firmware, customer qualification and system integration to this newest addition to the Ultrastar line-up.

The Ultrastar SS200 SSD is powered by the Guardian Technology™ platform, a comprehensive suite of enterprise features comprised of FlashGuard™, DataGuard™ and EverGuard™ technologies.

  • FlashGuard technology combines aggregated flash management and advanced signal processing to reliably extract significantly more life from commercial-grade MLC flash for read-intensive application workloads.
  • DataGuard technology features full data path protection, to help safeguard user data from corruption along all data paths in the SSD.
  • EverGuard technology helps protect against loss of user data in the event of unexpected power interruptions using a third-generation backup power circuit design and high reliability discrete capacitors.


  • Enterprise-grade 12Gb/s SAS SSD; backward compatible with 6Gb/s SAS
  • Capacity points: 400GB to 7.68TB in 2.5-inch drive form factor
  • Maximum read throughput up to 1,800MB/s
  • Up to 250,000 4KiB IOPS in random reads
  • Up to 1,000MB/s sequential writes
  • Endurance of 3 or 1 random drive writes per day (DW/D)
  • Instant Secure Erase (ISE) & Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) options including TCG Enterprise

Read-intensive Workloads (480GB - 7.68TB)

  • ERP, CRM, and Data Warehouse
  • Video Streaming, Video-on-Demand
  • File Servers
  • Database Analytics

Features & Benefits


  • Feature / Function
    • Up to 1800MB/s Read & 1000MB/s Write Bandwidth
    • Up to 250K Read IOPS (4K)
  • Benefits
    • Increase application performance and reduce storage system bottlenecks

Capacity and Endurance

  • Feature / Function
    • 400GB to 7.68TB capacities
    • Endurance-optimized or Capacity-optimized options
  • Benefits
    • Broad portfolio offering that is optimized to offer most value based on workload requirements


  • Feature / Function
    • UBER of < 1 in 1017
    • AFR 0.35%
    • Guardian Technology
  • Benefits
    • Enterprise-grade reliability helps reduce service incidents to help lower support costs


  • Feature / Function
    • SAS 12Gb/s
  • Benefits
    • Wide industry adoption for easy and reliable scale out flash storage

HGST Quality and Reliability
The HGST Ultrastar SS200 SSD extends the company’s long-standing tradition of performance and reliability leadership. A balanced combination of new and proven technologies helps enable high reliability and availability to customer data. HGST Ultrastar drives are backed by a 5-year limited warranty and an array of technical support and services, which may include customer and integration assistance. HGST is dedicated to providing a complete portfolio of SSD/HDD solutions to satisfy today’s monumental computing needs.


This drive is compatible with any server that accepts 2.5inx15mm (SFF) SAS Hard Drive.

HGST Ultrastar SS200
SAS Enterprise Solid State Drive
Model/Part No.0TS1381
Alt Model/Part No.SDLL1DLR-800G-CDA1
Data Security ModeTrusted Computing Group Self-Encrypting Drive
Base ModelUltrastar SS200
InterfaceSAS 12Gb/s
Form Factor2.5inch
Endurance (Drive Writes per Day)3
Sequential Read (max MB/s, 128KiB)1800
Sequential Write (max MB/s, 128KiB)1000
Random Read (max IOPS, 4KiB, QD32)250000
Random Write (max IOPS, 4KiB, QD32)86000/td>
Mixed Random Read/Write
(max IOPS 70%R/30%W, 4KiB)
Error Rate in bits read1 in 10^17
MTBF2.5M hours
Annual failure rate (AFR)0.35%
Data Retention3-months at 40°C
Requirement (DC +/- 5%)5V & 12V
Operating (W, typical)9 or 11 (configurable)
Idle(W)3.8 to 4.3
z-height (mm, max)15
Dimensions (width x depth, mm)69.85 x 100.45
Weight / without bracket (g, max)200
Case Temperature0° - 70°C

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ROHS Compliant

Alternate MPNs: SDLL1DLR-800G-CDA1

Weight: 1 lb

Warranty: 5 Year Manufacturer

Brand New

Condition Levels Explained

The product is brand new.

5 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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The product has a manufacturer warranty for the time period specified.