HPE 756636-B21 240GB SATA SSD

HEWLETT PACKARD Part #/MPN: 756636-B21

DiscTech Item #: HPI-756636-B21-BN-OE


Enterprise Grade

Capacity: 240GB

Speed: Solid State Memory

Interface Types: SATA

Form Factor: 2.5inx7mm Fits All laptops

Sector Size: 512 / 512e

Sustained Throughput: 425/330

Average Seek Time: 0.5/1.5

Electrical Interface: SATA 600 - 6.0Gbps


SSD Endurance DWPD: Enterprise Mixed Use

HPE / Hewlett Packard 756636-B21 / 764925-B21 / 765014-001 / 764913-002 / 764982-001 / MTFDDAK240MBB-1AE1ZABHA 240GB 2.5" SFF 6Gbps MLC VE SATA Solid State Drive 651687-001 Kit - Brand New

HPE / Hewlett Packard 756636-B21 / 764925-B21 / 765014-001 / 764913-002 / 764982-001 / MTFDDAK240MBB-1AE1ZABHA 240GB 2.5" SFF / Small Form Factor 6.0 Gb/s MLC / Multi-Level Cell VE / Value Endurance MU / Mixed Use 2.3-DWPD / Drive Writes Per Day SATA / Serial ATA SSD / Solid State Drive 651687-001 Kit - Brand New

This solid state drive (SSD) uses a single-chip controller with a SATA interface on the system side and n-channels of NAND Flash internally. Packaged in an HDD replacement enclosure, the SSD integrates easily in existing storage infrastructures.

This Drive is designed to support and manage the needs of enterprise platforms that utilize high IOPs traffic previously supported solely by SLC solutions, it provides the performance, endurance, and data integrity required by these growing environments.


  • 20nm MLC NAND Flash
  • RoHS-compliant package
  • SATA 6 Gb/s interface
  • ATA modes supported
    • PIO mode 3, 4
    • Multiword DMA mode 0, 1, 2
    • Ultra DMA mode 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  • Enterprise sector size support
    • 512-byte
  • Hot-plug capable
  • Native command queuing support with 32-command slot support
  • ATA-8 ACS2 command set compliant
  • ATA security feature command set and password login support
  • Security erase command set: fast and secure erase
  • Self-monitoring, analysis, and reporting technology (SMART) command set
  • 240GB performance (steady state)
    • Sequential 128KB read: 425 MB/s
    • Sequential 128KB write: 330 MB/s
    • Random 4KB read: 63,000 IOPS
    • Random 4KB write: 33,000 IOPS
    • READ latency: 0.50ms
    • WRITE latency: 1.5ms
  • Reliability
    • Mean time to failure (MTTF): 2 million device hours
    • Static and dynamic wear leveling
    • Uncorrectable bit error rate (UBER): <1 sector per 10^16 bits read
    • End-to-end data protection
    • Enhanced power-loss data protection with data protection capacitor monitoring
  • Endurance: Total bytes written (TBW): 1.0PB
  • Capacity: 240GB
  • Mechanical: 7.0mm height
    • SATA connector: 5V+/-10%
    • 2.5-inch drive: 100.2mm x 69.85mm x 7.00mm
    • Conforms to SFF standards
  • Field-upgradable firmware
  • Power consumption: <6.0W (TYP)
  • Operating temperature: Commercial (0° to 70°C)

This drive is brand new HP spare, and is compatible with the following HP Proliant Gen8 systems (this list is not all inclusive):
WS460c Gen8, BL420c Gen8, BL460c Gen8, BL465c Gen8, BL660c Gen8, D2220sb Storage Blade, DL160 Gen8, DL320e Gen8, DL360e Gen8, DL360p Gen8, DL380e Gen8, DL380p Gen8, DL385p Gen8, DL560 Gen8, ML310e Gen8, ML350e Gen8, ML350p Gen8, SL230 Gen8, SL230s Gen8, SL250s Gen8, SL270s Gen8

Alt PN's: 764925-B21, 765014-001, 764982-001, 764913-002, MTFDDAK240MBB-1AE1ZABHA


Proliant DL160 Gen8Proliant DL320e Gen8Proliant DL360e Gen8Proliant DL360p Gen8
Proliant DL380e Gen8Proliant DL380p Gen8Proliant DL385p Gen8Proliant DL560 Gen8
Proliant ML310e Gen8Proliant ML350e Gen8Proliant ML350p Gen8BL420c Gen8
Proliant BL460c Gen8Proliant BL465c Gen8Proliant BL660c Gen8HPE WS460c Gen8
Proliant XL230a Gen8Proliant XL230a Gen9Proliant XL250a Gen8Proliant XL250a Gen9
Proliant SL230s Gen8Proliant SL250s Gen8Proliant DL20 Gen8Proliant ML30 Gen8
Proliant DL180 Gen8

Gen8 / Gen 8 is fully compatible with Gen9 / Gen 9 systems

HPE SATA Hard Drive
Manufacturer Part Number756636-B21
Alternate Part Number764925-B21
General Information
NAND Flash20nm MLC
InterfaceSATA 6Gb/s
Enterprise Sector Size512-byte
Security erase command fast and secure erase
Sequential 128KB read536 MB/s
Sequential 128KB write330 MB/s
Random 4KB read63,000 IOPS
Random 4KB write33,000 IOPS
READ latency0.5ms
WRITE latency1.5ms
MTTF2 million
UBER<1 sector per 10^16 bits read
Height7mm Midline
Physical Description100.2mm x 69.85mm x 7.0mm
Operating temperatureCommercial (0°C to 70°C)

ROHS Compliant

Alternate MPNs: 764925-B21 765014-001 764982-001 764913-002 MTFDDAK240MBB-1AE1ZABHA 757366-001 756620-001

Weight: 1 lb

Warranty: 1 Year DiscTech

Brand New

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The product is brand new.

1 Year DiscTech Warranty

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