HPE 765453-B21 1TB 2.5" SATA Hard Drive Kit 651687-001 Gen8 / Gen9

HEWLETT PACKARD Part #/MPN: 765453-B21

DiscTech Item #: HPI-765453-B21-NP-OE


Enterprise Grade

Capacity: 1TB

Speed: 7,200RPM

Interface Types: SATA

Form Factor: 2.5inx15mm SFF Server Drive

Sector Size: 512 / 512e

Electrical Interface: SATA 150 - 1.50Gbps

Compatible Systems: HP 9th Gen., HP 8th Gen.

HPE 765453-B21 / 765868-001 / 765453-S21 / 765454-B21 / 765451-001 / MM1000GEFQV 1TB 2.5-Inch SFF 6Gbps 7.2K RPM 512e HS Midline SC DS SATA Hard Disk Drive Kit 651687-001 - New Pull

HPE 765453-B21 / 765868-001 / 765453-S21 / 765454-B21 / 765451-001 / MM1000GEFQV 1TB / 1000GB 2.5" SFF / Small Form Factor 6.0 Gb/s 7200 RPM 512e / 512 Emulation HS / Hot Swap Midline SC / Smart Carrier DS / Digitally Signed Firmware SATA / Serial ATA HDD / Hard Disk Drive Kit 651687-001 for Gen 8 and Gen 9 Systems - New Pull

Supports Generation 8 / Gen 8 / Gen8 / G8 and Generation 9 / Gen 9 / Gen9 / G9 Servers

Alt Model#: 765868-001, 765453-S21, 765454-B21, 765451-001, MM1000GEFQV

HPE Hard Disk Drive
HPE Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) delivers proven performance at industry leading capacities backed by high quality and reliability, preferred choice for many workloads ranging from small businesses to large enterprise.

HPE hard disk drives are optimized to deliver maximum performance on HPE server platforms, and are proven for applications that demand reliable performance in 24x7 operational environments. HPE HDDs offer customers great value per gigabyte without sacrificing performance. In addition, an industry-leading testing and qualification program ensures that our drives are rugged enough for any need.

HPE HDDs are available for three types of workloads —Entry, Midline and Enterprise, two interfaces—SAS and SATA, and in a variety of capacities—up to 10 TB and growing.

What's New

  • HPE 6TB 6G SATA 7.2K rpm LFF (3.5in) SC Midline 1yr Warranty Hard Drive
  • HPE 10TB 6G SATA 7.2K rpm LFF (3.5in) 512e SC Midline 1yr Warranty Hard Drive
  • HPE 8TB 6G SATA 7.2K rpm LFF (3.5in) 512e SC Midline 1yr Warranty Hard Drive
  • HPE 1TB 6G SATA 7.2K rpm LFF (3.5in) SC Midline 1yr Warranty Hard Drive
  • HPE 3TB 6G SATA 7.2K rpm LFF (3.5in) SC Midline 1yr Warranty Hard Drive

NOTE: SATA Drive Write Cache is disabled by default to minimize the risk of data loss in case of power loss. For information on how to enable Drive Write Cache on SATA drives via supported controllers and HBAs and what precautions should be followed please visit: http://www.hp.com/go/SATA

NOTE: The components of a storage subsystem (e.g. the drive, the HBA/controller, firmware, and the server backplane) should operate at the same data transfer rate or the system bandwidth will be negotiated down to an acceptable level for all components.

RETIRED: Retired products sold prior to the November 1, 2015 separation of Hewlett-Packard Company into Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company and HP Inc. may have older product names and model numbers that differ from current models.

This Drive is Compatible with HP Proliant Gen8 , Gen9 and Gen10 Server that accept 2.5" drives.

Proliant DL160 Gen8,Proliant DL320e Gen8, Proliant DL360e Gen8, Proliant DL360p Gen8, Proliant DL380e Gen8, Proliant DL380p Gen8, Proliant DL385p Gen8, Proliant DL560 Gen8, Proliant ML310e Gen8, Proliant ML350e Gen8, Proliant ML350p Gen8, BL420c Gen8, Proliant BL460c Gen8, Proliant BL465c Gen8, Proliant BL660c Gen8, HPE WS460c Gen8, Proliant XL230a Gen8, Proliant XL230a Gen9, Proliant XL250a Gen8, Proliant XL250a Gen9, Proliant SL230s Gen8, Proliant SL250s Gen8, Proliant DL20 Gen8, Proliant ML30 Gen8, ProLiant BL460c Gen9, ProLiant BL460c Gen10, Proliant DL360 Gen9, ProLiant DL360 Gen10, ProLiant DL380 Gen9, ProLiant DL380 Gen10, ProLiant DL388 Gen9, Proliant DL560 Gen9,  Proliant ML350 Gen9, Proliant BL660c Gen8, HPE WS460c Gen8, and Proliant DL180 Gen8

Gen8 / Gen 8 Carrier / Tray / Caddy / Sled is fully compatible with Gen9 / Gen 9


Proliant DL160 Gen8Proliant DL320e Gen8Proliant DL360e Gen8Proliant DL360p Gen8
Proliant DL380e Gen8Proliant DL380p Gen8Proliant DL385p Gen8Proliant DL560 Gen8
Proliant ML310e Gen8Proliant ML350e Gen8Proliant ML350p Gen8BL420c Gen8
Proliant BL460c Gen8Proliant BL465c Gen8Proliant BL660c Gen8HPE WS460c Gen8
Proliant XL230a Gen8Proliant XL230a Gen9Proliant XL250a Gen8Proliant XL250a Gen9
Proliant SL230s Gen8Proliant SL250s Gen8Proliant DL20 Gen8Proliant ML30 Gen8
ProLiant BL460c Gen9Proliant DL360 Gen9
ProLiant DL380 Gen9ProLiant DL388 Gen9Proliant DL560 Gen9
Proliant ML350 Gen9
Proliant BL660c Gen8HPE WS460c Gen8
Proliant DL180 Gen8

Gen8 / Gen 8 Carrier / Tray / Caddy / Sled is fully compatible with Gen9 / Gen 9 systems

HPE SAS Hard Drive
Manufacturer Part Number765453-B21
Alternate Part Number765868-001
General Information
Height0.62 in
15.6 mm
Width2.98 in
75.7 mm
Depth4.67 in
118.7 mm
InterfaceSerial ATA
Transfer Rate Synchronous (Maximum)6 Gb/sec
Native Command QueuingSupported
Seek TimeSingle Track
  • 0.5 ms
  • Average
  • <7.2 ms
  • Full-Stroke
  • 17 ms
  • Rotational Speed7200 rpm
    Logical Blocks1,953,525,168
    Operating Temperature50° to 95° F
    10° to 35° C

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    ROHS Compliant

    Alternate MPNs: 765868-001 765453-S21 765454-B21 765451-001 MM1000GEFQV

    Weight: 1.5 lb

    Warranty: 1 Year DiscTech

    New Pull

    Condition Levels Explained

    The product has been mounted in a brand new system (e.g. server), then removed from the system, before entering service. These products may have some hours of usage due to system build time / burn-in / testing etc. New Pulls are guaranteed to have at least 95% (often 99%) of their service life remaining , they may show signs of being physically mounted and dismounted. All handling is performed by trained technicians, taking full ESD precautions.

    1 Year DiscTech Warranty

    Product Warranties Explained

    The product has a DiscTech warranty for the time period specified. View our limited warranty