IDE / ATA / PATA Laptop hard drive to desktop adapter

Generic Part #/MPN: CAB-IDE-INT-44p-40p-BN-OE

DiscTech Item #: CAB-IDE-INT-44p-40p-BN-OE

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Interface Types: IDE ATA 2.5in IDC44M for laptop

Electrical Interface: EIDE ATA

IDE Laptop to Desktop adapter - 40pin Male IDE to 44pin Female Laptop IDE - Brand New

2.5” to 3.5” Laptop/Desktop IDE Hard Drive Adapter/Converter


    * Adapter allows your 2.5" IDE laptop hard drive to connect to standard Desktop IDE interface.

     * Recommended for backing up your laptop drive or to transfer data.
    * Convert your 44 pin female (laptop IDE hard drive) to a 40 pin male (desktop IDE hard drive)
    * Suggested Applications: Works with all Laptop 2.5" IDE hard drives.


    * One End: Desktop IDE Hard Drive 40-pin Male Connector with 4 pin molex power connector.
      The Other End: Laptop IDE Hard Drive 44-pin Female

Package Contents:

    * One (1) 2.5” to 3.5” IDE Hard Drive Adapter/Converter.

Compatibility: This adapter is compatible with any 2.5" IDE 44pin Laptop Hard drive.

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