Lenovo 01KN505 / FRU01KN505 / 03-50008-25004 / LSI 9400-8i 530-8i controller

LENOVO Part #/MPN: 01KN505

DiscTech Item #: LEN-01KN505-NP-OE

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Interface Types: NVMe U.2, SAS Serial Attached SCSI, SATA, SFF-8643

Electrical Interface: SAS-3 Serial Attached SCSI v3 - 12.0Gbps

Voltage: 3.3V

Lenovo 01KN505 / FRU01KN505 / 03-50008-25004 / LSI 9400-8i 530-8i 12 Gbps Tri-Mode SAS SATA NVMe HBA Controller Part numbers:
01KN505 FRU01KN505 03-50008-25004 9400-8i 530-8i

DESIGNED FOR THINKSYSTEM SR530, SR550, SR570, SR590, SR630, SR650, SR850, SR860, SR950, ST550

Lenovo ThinkSystem RAID 530 Series Internal RAID

The ThinkSystem RAID 530 family are entry-level 12 Gb SAS/SATA internal RAID adapters that offer a
cost-effective RAID solution for small to medium business customers. These cacheless adapters support
RAID levels 0/1/10/5/50, and include an extensive list of RAS and management features.

Along with an extensive list of enterprise RAID capabilities, the RAID 530 Series adapters offer advanced
drive diagnostic technologies. In the event of a physical drive failure, the drive is placed in a shielded state and the controller starts drive diagnostics to determine if the drive is indeed failed or can be restored. This saves time, money and server downtime associated with transient drive failures and unnecessary drive replacement.


The ThinkSystem RAID 530 adapters have the following standard features: 

  • MegaRAID FastPath SSD performance acceleration 
  • MegaRAID FastPath software provides high-performance I/O acceleration for SSD-based virtual drives by using a low latency I/O path to increase the maximum I/O per second (IOPS) capability of the controller. This feature boosts the performance of applications with a highly random data storage access pattern, such as transactional databases. 
  • Auto-resume on array rebuild or array reconstruction after the loss of system power 
  • Auto-resume uses non-volatile RAM (NVRAM) to save the rebuild progress during a host reboot or power failure to automatically resume from the last checkpoint. Auto-resume ensures that data integrity is maintained throughout the process. The card supports a number of features that can be implemented without rebooting the server. Applications, such as email and web server, benefit from avoiding downtime during the transition. 
  • Online Capacity Expansion 
  • Online Capacity Expansion (OCE) allows the capacity of a virtual disk to be expanded by adding new physical disks or making use of unused space on existing disks, without requiring a reboot. 
  • Online RAID Level Migration 
  • Online RAID Level Migration (RLM), which is also known as logical drive migration, can migrate a virtual disk from any RAID level to any other RAID level without requiring a reboot. System availability and application functionality remain unaffected. 
  • Fast initialization for quick array setup 
  • Fast initialization quickly writes zeros to the first and last sectors of the virtual drive. This feature allows you to immediately start writing data to the virtual drive while the initialization is running in the background
  • Consistency check for background data integrity 
  • Consistency check verifies that all stripes in a virtual disk with a redundant RAID level are consistent. The consistency check mirrors data when an inconsistent stripe is detected for RAID 1 and re-creates the parity from the peer disks for RAID 5 or RAID 6. Consistency checks can be scheduled to take place periodically. 
  • Extensive online configuration options and advanced monitoring and event notification Management tools provide convenience for the configuration of logical volumes and alerting when errors have occurred or are about to occur. 
  • Patrol read for media scanning and repairing Patrol read is a background sentry service that pro-actively discovers and corrects media defects (bad sectors) that arise normally as a disk drive ages. The service issues a series of verify commands, and if a bad block is discovered, the card's firmware uses RAID algorithms to re-create the missing data and remap the sector to a good sector. The task is interruptible based on controller activity and host operations. The firmware also provides an interface where the patrol read task can be initiated, set up for continuous operation, and terminated from a management application. Patrol read can be activated by a manual command or automatically. 
  • Global and dedicated hot spare with revertible hot spare support A hot spare rebuilds data from all virtual disks within the disk group in which it is configured. You can define a physical disk as a hot spare to replace a failed drive. Hot spares can be configured as either global or dedicated. A global hot spare allows any physical drive to be designated as a hot spare. A dedicated hot spare allows the user to assign a hot spare drive to a particular array of the same drive type. 
  • Drive roaming Drive roaming occurs when the physical disks are changed to different ports on the same controller. When the drives are placed on different channels, the controller detects the RAID configuration from the configuration data on the drives. MegaRAID SafeStore support for self-encrypting drive (SED) services 
  • MegaRAID SafeStore encryption services offer instant secure erase and local key management for self-encrypting drives. This technology represents a step forward in securing data on a disk drive from any unauthorized access or modification resulting from theft, loss, or repurposing of drives. Instant secure erase permanently removes data when repurposing or decommissioning SEDs. SafeStore local key management provides the necessary management and protection of SEDs by using a simple pass phrase, security key identifier, and security key file that can be set and applied to all SEDs that are assigned to a RAID adapter. This feature removes the complexity of managing each SED’s unique encryption key, and it essentially relieves the administrator of most of the daily tasks of securing data. 
  • XClarity Provisioning Manager for pre-boot array configuration and management Provisioning Manager is the ThinkSystem UEFI-based application that includes a RAID setup wizard to help you configure drive groups and virtual disks before installing or booting the operating system. 
  • XClarity Controller web interface for remote storage management XClarity Controller (XCC) is the systems management processor integrated in all ThinkSystem servers. The XCC web interface allows you to perform storage inventory, create and edit virtual disks, view events, import a new controller configuration, and perform firmware updates on the adapter. 

Note: MegaRAID CacheCade and MegaRAID Storage Manager are not supported. 

Compatibility: DESIGNED FOR THINKSYSTEM SR530, SR550, SR570, SR590, SR630, SR650, SR850, SR860, SR950, ST550

or any systems that can accomodate PCIe x8 lane Full height card.

The ThinkSystem RAID 530 Series internal RAID adapters have the following specifications:

  • PCIe 3.0 x8 host interface
  • 12 Gbps SAS/SATA RAID controllers, based on the Broadcom MegaRAID 9440 adapter family
  • Cacheless (not upgradeable)
  • Connectivity for up to 4 or 8 or 16 internal SAS or SATA drives, depending on the adapter selected
  • Support for intermixing SAS and SATA HDDs and SSDs. Mixing SAS and SATA drives in the same array is not supported. Mixing of HDDs and SSDs in the same array is not supported.
  • Support for intermixing of 12 Gbps and 6 Gbps drives.
  • Support for RAID 0, 1, 10, 5, and 50 standard, with these exceptions: The RAID 530-16i adapter only supports RAID 0, 1 and 10. The RAID 530-4i supports only RAID 0, 1 in the SN550 and RAID 0, 1, 10, 5 in the SN850 because those blade servers only support two and four drives respectively
  • Support for JBOD (non-RAID) drive state
  • Support for up to 64 virtual disks, up to 128 arrays, up to 16 virtual disks per array
  • Support for logical drive sizes greater than 2 TB.
  • Fixed 64 KB stripe size
  • Supports 512e, 512n and 4K sector formatted drives
  • Compliant with Disk Data Format (DDF) configuration on disk (CoD).
  • S.M.A.R.T. support.
  • Configuration through:
  • XClarity Provisioning Manager UEFI interface
  • XClarity Controller web interface
  • XClarity Administrator Configuration Patterns
  • StorCLI command-line interface
  • LSI Storage Authority (LSA) GUI interface
  • UEFI Human Interface Infrastructure (HII)

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ROHS Compliant

Alternate MPNs: 7Y37A01082 05-50008-01 FRU01KN505 03-50008-250049400-8i 530-8i

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