Micron 9200 MAX MTFDHAL3T2TCU-1AR1ZABYY 3.2TB PCIe NVMe Solid State Drive



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Enterprise Grade

Capacity: 3.2TB

Speed: Solid State Memory

Interface Types: NVMe U.2, PCIe

Form Factor: 2.5inx15mm SFF Server Drive

Sector Size: 512 / 512e

Sustained Throughput: 3.5/3.1 GB/s

Electrical Interface: PCIe - v1.0 - 4GBps


SSD Endurance DWPD: Enterprise Write Intensive

Micron 9200 MAX MTFDHAL3T2TCU-1AR1ZABYY 3.2TB 2.5-Inch U.2 3D TLC NAND Write Intensive PCIe 3.0 NVMe Solid State Drive – Brand New

Micron 9200 MAX MTFDHAL3T2TCU-1AR1ZABYY 3.2TB / 3200GB 2.5” U.2 3D TLC NAND / Triple Level Cell WI / Write Intensive 3-DWPD / Drive Writes Per Day PCIe / PCI Express 3.0 NVMe / NVM Express SSD / Solid State Drive - Brand New


Micron 9200 SSD (NVMe Interface)

Deliver Data at the Speed of Now
New and ever more demanding workloads are rapidly multiplying the variety, volume and velocity of data that your organization requires. Yet many IT teams must manage this deluge of data effectively with budgets that are not scaling as rapidly. SSDs can offer a way to easily modernize storage infrastructures and deliver game-changing results.

The Micron® 9200 series of NVMe™ SSDs is Micron’s flagship performance family and the second generation of NVMe drives. It delivers even more impressive performance numbers than the Micron 9100 SSD, which was heralded by industry analysts as “the highest performing enterprise NVMe SSD we have yet to test in our VMware environment…”. With industry leading performance, the Micron 9200 SSD maximizes application throughput into business advantage and minimizes latencies for faster access to data.

The Micron 9200 SSD has the right capacity for your demanding workloads. Micron’s FlexPro™ firmware architecture lets you actively tune capacity to optimize drive performance and endurance. Micron understands the importance of providing large capacity SSDs to provide smooth migrations and manage workloads, and offers the Micron 9200 SSD in both 8TB and 11TB capacities.

Micron offers a rich portfolio of flash storage solutions for the most demanding data center deployments, including a broad range of environments, applications and workloads. From NVMe to SATA SSDs, you can optimize and scale your server and storage design with purpose-built Micron flash storage. Whether it’s client-, enterprise- or cloud-based, Micron offers the breadth of product solutions necessary to meet all of your storage needs.


  • Unlock the Value of Your Data Faster - Using the fastest of all SSD interfaces, the Micron 9200 SSD high-performance family of NVMe drives accelerates applications and breathes new life into aging infrastructures.
  • Be Large and In Charge - With capacities up to 11TB, the Micron 9200 SSD satisfies the most storage-hungry use cases.
  • Optimize Your Existing Infrastructure - Micron’s purpose-built flash solutions are easy to deploy and deliver bottom-line value and efficiency to business and IT operations.
  • Get Peace of Mind With Solid Data Protection - The Micron 9200 SSD has full enterprise end-to-end data path protection and power-loss protection to help keep your data safe.
  • Accelerate Your Applications - Turn data into information and provide a higher level of service to your customers with transfer speeds up to 3.5 GB/s and read IOPS up to 840K (steady state).
  • Reduce Your Cost/IOPS - The Micron 9200 SSD delivers low cost/IOPS along with low latency.
  • One Size Fits All - The Micron Flex Capacity feature allows you to tune the drive’s capacity to deliver application- and workload-optimized performance.


  • Big Data
  • High-Performance Computing
  • Virtualization
  • Database Management

Benefits of NVMe

  • Built for Nonvolatile memory
    Architected from the ground up to remove legacy layers of hard drive interfaces, it unleashes the speed of solid state nonvolatile memory
  • High Performance
    Streamlined efficient queuing protocol combined with an optimized command set register interface enables low latency and high performance. Data is delivered fast and efficiently, with minimal burden on the host CPU.
  • Industry Standard
    Wide adoption driven by a strong consortium of storage technology providers and a robust ecosystem of drivers across multiple operating systems. Industry analysts are predicting strong growth for NVMe.


This drive is compatible with servers and arrays that accept 2.5” 15mm SFF PCIe NVMe drives

Micron 9200 MAX/th>
Technical Specification
ManufacturerMicron Enterprise SSD
SSD FamilyMicron 9200 MAX
Capacity3.2TB / 3200GB
Form FactorU.2 2.5", 15mm
Endurance17.5 PB / 17,500 TB
Sequential Read3.50 GB/s
Sequential Write3.10 GB/s
Random Read840K IOPS
Random Write285K IOPS
InterfacePCIe x 4 Gen3 NVME
MTTF2 million device hours
Advanced FeaturesFlex Capacity
End-to-End Enterprise Data Path Protection
Power-Loss Protection
Secure Signed Firmware
Storage Executive SSD management
XPERT Features
High Performance
Low Latency
NVM Express Industry-Standard,

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ROHS Compliant


Weight: 1 lb

Warranty: 5 Year Manufacturer

Brand New

Condition Levels Explained

The product is brand new.

5 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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