OCZ RVD400-M22280-1T 1TB PCIe Solid State Drive

OCZ Technology Part #/MPN: RVD400-M22280-1T

DiscTech Item #: OCZ-RVD400-M22280-1T-BN-5Y

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Capacity: 1TB

Speed: Solid State Memory

Interface Types: PCIe

Form Factor: M.2 x 80mm

Sector Size: 512 / 512e

Sustained Throughput: 2600/1550

Electrical Interface: PCIe - v3.0 - 16GBps


SSD Endurance DWPD: Consumer / Value

OCZ RD400 RVD400-M22280-1T 1TB M.2 2280 126GBps Consumer 0.3-DWPD MLC PCI Express / PCIe 3.1 NVMe 1.1b SSD - Brand New

OCZ RD400 RVD400-M22280-1T 1TB / 1000GB M.2 2280 126GB/s Consumer 0.3 Drive Writes Per Day Multi-Level Cell Peripheral Component Interconnect Express 3.1 Non-Volatile Memory Express 1.1b Solid State Disk Drive - Brand New

RD400/400A Series
The SSD for enthusiasts and hardcore gamers

Introducing a new breed of enthusiast storage, the OCZ RD400 NVM Express® M.2 solid state drive series, designed to propel high-end computing into a new realm of possibilities. The OCZ RD400 PCIe Gen3 x4 outperforms SATA SSDs by over 4.5 times in sequential read (up to 2,600 MB/s) , and over 3 times in sequential write performance (up to 1,600 MB/s) so your system won’t be deprived of the storage bandwidth your data-intensive workload requires. The OCZ RD400’s next generation NVMe® interface provides a more responsive PC experience and shorter storage latency than that of today’s traditional hard disk drives and SATA SSDs. Along with high performance, the OCZ RD400 is designed for mobile, desktop, or workstation applications.

Game-changing Storage
TOSHIBA’s new OCZ RD400 SSD redefines high performance storage for enthusiasts and hardcore gamers that feel held back by commodity storage hardware. With over 200,000 IOPS @4 KiB of random read performance at your beck and call, the OCZ RD400 will be your next high-end system.

Get in the PCI Express Lane
Why keep using an interface that was designed for hard disk drives? PCI Express revolutionizes flash storage for tomorrow’s high-speed computing age. The OCZ RD400 boosts bandwidth and puts your data in the fast lane leaving SATA SSDs in the dust.

NVM Express
Utilizing NVMe technology, the OCZ RD400 reduces latency in your system’s I/O path between the drive and your CPU, resulting in smooth and responsive performance.

Good Things Come in Small Packages
The OCZ RD400’s compact M.2 2280 form factor packs in high performance and up to 1024 GB of storage capacity enabling high-end desktop speeds to exist not only in your notebook, but directly on your motherboard without taking up a PCIe slot.

Flexibility for the Future
If you want to harness the power of NVMe now but don’t want to upgrade your motherboard yet, the OCZ RD400 is available with an M.2 PCIe adaptor add-in-card. This option allows your investment to go the distance when you opt for an M.2 platform in the future.


  • NVMe Compliant - Say good bye to legacy storage buses
  • PCIe Performance - Surpass the SATA bottleneck once and for all.
  • M.2 2280 Compliant - Latest SSD form factor for your next gen system build.
  • Low Power Mode - Requires less power when drive is in standby mode.
  • Custom Drivers - RD400/400A utilizes custom high performance drivers
  • 1024GB Storage - Store loads of data on up to 1024GB of SSD capacity
  • SSD Utility SSD Management Software - The SSD Utility was designed to help your OCZ drive thrive and lets you be in control of maintenance, monitoring, SSD tuning, OS tuning and more!


This drive is compatible with any server that accepts M.2 x 80mm PCIe drives.

OCZ RD400/400A Series
Model NumberRVD400-M22280-1T
Sequential Read SpeedUp to 2,600 MB/s
Sequential Write SpeedUp to 1,550 MB/s
Random Read (4 KIB)Up to 210,000 IOPS
Random Wrtite (KIB)Up to 130,000 IOPS
TBW (Total Bytes Written)592 TB
Daily Usage Guidelines324 GB/day
Capacity1 TB / 1000GB / 1024GB
Form FactorM.2 2280
  • PCI Express Base Specification Revision 3.1 (PCIe)
  • Maximum Speed: 32 GT/s (PCIe Gen3x4L)
  • Command: NVM Express Revision 1.1b (NVMe)
  • NAND Flash Memory TypeMLC
    Dimension (L x W x H)
  • 128GB, 256GB, 512GB: 80 x 22 x 2.23 mm
  • 1024GB: 80 x 22 x 3.58 mm
  • AIC: 157.64 x 105.51 x 17.2 mm
  • Drive Weight
  • 128GB: 6.8 g(typ)
  • 256GB, 512GB: 7.2 g(typ)
  • 1024GB: 8.6 g(typ)
  • AIC: 63 g(typ)
    Supply Voltage
  • 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1024GB: 3.3 V +/- 5%
  • AIC: 12 V +/- 5%
  • Power Consumption (Active)
  • 128GB, 256GB, 512GB: 6.0 W (typ.)
  • 1024GB and AIC: 6.4 W (typ.)
  • Power Consumption (Power State 5)128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1024GB and AIC: 6.0 mW (typ.)
    Operating Temperature0 °C to 70 °C
    Storage Temperature-40 °C to 85 °C
    Shock Resistance9.8 km/s2 {1000 G} (0.5 ms)
  • Operational: 21 m/s {2.17 Grms} (Peak, 7 to 800 Hz)
  • Non-operational: 30 m/s {3.13 Grms} (Peak, 5 to 800 Hz)
  • Certification
  • UL/cUL
  • FCC
  • CE
  • RCM
  • KC
  • BSMI
  • VCCI
  • ISED
    MTBF1.5 Mhours
    Product Health MonitoringSelf-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology (SMART) Support
    PCI ExpressCompatible with PCI Express® Base Specification Revision 3.1
    Operating Systems
  • Windows® 10
  • Windows® 8.1
  • Windows® 7
  • Linux® Fedora 21
  • Mint 17.1
  • ElementaryOS Freya
  • OpenSUSE 13.2
  • Ubuntu 14.04
  • Ubuntu 14.10
  • Connector Type
  • M.2: M.2 M key socket
  • AIC: PCIe slot
  • Targeted ApplicationsClient desktops and laptops
    Performance Optimization
  • TRIM
  • Idle Time Garbage Collection
  • SoftwareSSD management software: SSD Utility and Command Line Online Update Tool (CLOUT)

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    ROHS Compliant

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    Warranty: 5 Year Manufacturer

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