Promise SmartStor SSZ1X2TB 2TB NAS Digital Media Server


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Capacity: 2TB

Interface Types: USB 2.0, Ethernet RJ45

Form Factor: 3.5inx1.0in LFF Hard Drive

Electrical Interface: Ethernet Gigabit - 1Gbps

Bays/Ports/Slots: 2

Promise Technology SmartStor Zero SSZ1X2TB 2-Bay 2TB NAS Digital Media Server - Brand New

Promise Technology SmartStor Zero SSZ1X2TB 2-Bay 2TB NAS Digital Media Server - Brand New

This server includes 1x 2TB hard drive, 1x CAT 5E Ethernet cable, and 1x power adapter with cable.

SmartStor ZERO
SmartStor Zero is what we like to consider the world’s first true “Zero Configuration” Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Digital Media Server designed specifically for you, the consumer. Gone are the days of complicated setups configurations, remembering passwords, using installation keys and being lead through a setup wizard like you’re a child. SmartStor Zero is about “easy access”, backing up your valuable data and streaming digital content in your home within “minutes” of opening the box. SmartStor Zero is available in 2TB Capacities.

Zero Configuration and ON Companion Software
Accessing SmartStor Zero is as easy as using a “USB or Flash Drive”. How is this possible? By way of revolutionary companion software we like to call “ON”. ON will automatically open the Network Share on your desktop every time you power-on your computer in addition to creating a desktop alias in Mac OS X and making the Network Share available under My Computer in Windows. Any time you need to access SmartStor Zero, just double-click on the ON icon and your Network Share will open on the desktop.

ON is also your gateway to SmartStor Zero’s powerful features and applications. Simply right-click your mouse on the ON icon located on the Windows Taskbar or Finder Menu in Mac OS X to access the built-in Media Center, Facebook Uploader, iTunes Playlist Creator, File Manager, USB Backup Scheduler and much more. SmartStor Zero and ON represent a true break-though in Network Attached Storage and Digital Media Servers for the Home that will change your digital home forever.

DLNA 1.5 Certified Digital Media Server
The SmartStor Zero is the ultimate DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) Digital Media Server (DMS) for the Digital Home, allowing Digital Media Players or any other DLNA or UPnP Digital Media Player to automatically discover and playback music, pictures and video. Simply copy your digital content to the appropriate folders on the SmartStor Zero and the rest is truly automatic. Your music, pictures or video will be automatically sorted based on ID3 Tag, Year & Date and Format & Resolution.

The SmartStor Zero DLNA 1.5 Media Server also supports DLNA UPLOAD, allowing for digital content to be uploaded directly from mobile devices with support for DLNA 1.5 upload feature such as the Motorola Droid X, Nokia N Series Smartphones or Promise’s own Fusion Stream DLNA Digital Media Application for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Android. You can also download content from the SmartStor Zero using any mobile device with DLNA Download support.

Fusion Stream DLNA Digital Media App for Smartphones
SmartStor Fusion Stream DLNA Digital Media App for Smartphones is available for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Android (Windows Phone is end of Q4). Fusion Stream is a cutting edge DLNA Digital Media App that allows playback of Music, Pictures and Video stored on SmartStor Zero. Fusion Stream supports Upload of digital content from the Smartphone to SmartStor Zero and Download of digital content from SmartStor Zero to the Smartphone. Fusion Stream’s Digital Media Controller allows you to browse content on SmartStor Zero, then select and “control” playback of the digital content using a Digital Media Renderer (DMR) such as Windows 7 Media Player, DLNA TVs from Samsung, WDTV Live, Syabas Popcornhour and XBOX 360 (in Media Center Extender Mode). Fusion Stream also supports the ability to create, save and load playlists. SmartStor Fusion Stream DLNA Stream Digital Media App will be available on the Apple App Store and Android Market in Mid November. App supports Local Home Network only with seamless remote access coming by Q1 2010.

Windows 7 Logo - Network Media Device
The SmartStor Zero has achieved Windows 7 Logo Network Media Device. This means the SmartStor Zero has been rigorously tested under Windows 7 Media Player. SmartStor Zero provides Album Art for Music and thumbnails or Pictures and Videos to ensure your media playback experience rich.

iTunes Digital Media Server
The SmartStor Zero includes an iTunes Digital Media Server for playback of Music Files of MP3 and AAC audio files. The SmartStor Zero iTunes Digital Media Server can also playback H.264, MOV, MP4 and M4V Video Files*. In addition to music and video playback, the SmartStor Zero allows for creation of custom playlists using the new iTunes playlist generator making the SmartStor Zero one of the most advanced iTunes Digital Media Servers available today.

*Playback of Video is ONLY supported using iTunes in MAC OS X (Windows Supports Music playback only).

SmartStor Media Center
The web-based SmartStor Media Center utilizes the DLNA 1.5 Digital Media Server to allow access and playback of digital content stored on the SmartStor Zero from any computer (Windows and Mac) in the home using web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari.

Facebook Uploader
Keeping pace with the social networking revolution SmartStor Zero supports uploading pictures directly to your Facebook account and Facebook Wall. The Facebook Uploader has been integrated into the Web Based File Management Tool and also the SmartStor Media Center. Uploading your pictures to Facebook is as easy as one-two-three. During the upload process you can choose to upload pictures to an existing photo album or create a new photo album. The process is exceedingly simply requiring only a few clicks of the mouse.


  • Zero Configuration Setup
  • 2-Bay 3.5” hard drive intelligent enclosure
  • (1) 1TB or (1) 2TB Hard Drive is included
  • Upgrade to Protection Mode by adding additional Hard Drive
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • USB Port for Connecting USB Drives
  • Supports Single Drive and Protection Mode
  • DLNA 1.5 certified Digital Media Server with DLNA UPLOAD support
  • Client PC to NAS scheduling backup by SmartNAVI
  • Windows and Mac OS X Network Protocols are supported
  • DHCP (automatic network configuration)
  • WebPASM II AJAX based for the advance setup
  • DLNA Web Based Media Center
  • iTunes Media Server
  • iTunes Playlist Creator
  • Facebook Photo Upload

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