Qlogic QLE2662 / Dell 3PCN3 Dual Port 16Gbps Fiber Channel PCI Express Host Bus Adapter

QLOGIC Part #/MPN: QLE2662

DiscTech Item #: QLG-QLE2662-NP-OE-DEL


Interface Types: Fibre Channel - Internal - Arbitrated Loop ASA II, Fiber Optic - LC/PC, PCIe, SFP

Form Factor: Half-Height/Half-Length

Electrical Interface: FC-AL - 16Gbps

Qlogic QLE2662 / Dell 3PCN3 Dual Port 16Gbps Fiber Channel PCI Express Host Bus Adapter - New Pull

Qlogic QLE2662 / Dell 3PCN3 Dual Port 16Gbps Fiber Channel PCI Express Host Bus Adapter - New Pull


The 2600 Series Adapters are QLogic Gen 5 Fibre Channel Adapters. They boast industry-leading native Fibre Channel performance—achieving dualport, line-rate, 16-gigabit Fibre Channel throughput—at extremely low CPU usage with full hardware offloads. This extreme performance eliminates potential I/O bottlenecks in today’s powerful multiprocessor, multicore servers.

In addition, support for powerful virtualization features makes this adapter ideal for virtualized environments that need excellent I/O performance to service growing numbers of virtual machines (VMs).


QLogic is the undisputed leader in Fibre Channel Adapters, with over 15 years of experience and five generations of Fibre Channel products that have been qualified by all major server manufacturers in multiple form factors. QLogic owns the most established, proven Fibre Channel stack in the industry with more Fibre Channel ports shipped than any other vendor.


The 2600 Series Adapters, powered by QLogic VMflex™ technology, support standards-based virtualization such as N_Port ID virtualization (NPIV). In addition, line-rate 16Gb throughput and unmatched storage performance maximize the number of VMs that each server can support.


The QLogic 2600 Series of 16Gb Gen 5 Fibre Channel Adapters consume the fewest CPU cycles to drive storage traffic at line rate across all ports. With support for over 1.2 million I/O transactions per second, QLogic adapters deliver the best storage application performance in virtualized and non-virtualized environments.


The 2600 Series Adapters use QLogic’s StarPower™ technology to provide maximum power efficiency. The adapters offer dynamic power management, which ensures that the PCIe host bus link uses the minimal number of PCIe lanes, regardless of whether the server supports PCIe Gen2 or Gen3, to meet the required Fibre Channel bandwidth. Using fewer PCIe lanes means that these adapters use less power, while continuing to maintain the highest level of Fibre Channel performance.


The adapters are backward compatible with existing 4Gb and 8Gb Fibre Channel infrastructure. The adapters are also compatible with the same Fibre Channel software driver stack that has been tested and validated across all major hardware platforms, all major hypervisors and OSs, and has been battle-hardened in millions of previous installations.


QLogic’s new, unified management application, QConvergeConsole® (QCC), provides single-pane-of-glass management for the company’s broad product line of storage and networking adapters (Fibre Channel, converged networking, NIC, and iSCSI). In addition, QLogic supports all major APIs, giving the end user the flexibility to manage their QLogic Fibre Channel adapter portfolio using third-party management tools, including a vCenter™ plug-in for VMware®. 

• 16Gbps per port maximum throughput for high bandwidth storage (SAN) traffic

• Over 1.2 million IOPS reduces latency in high transaction intensive applications and virtualized environments

• Reduced hardware, cabling, and management costs by enabling more applications (virtual machines) to run on a single server and Fibre Channel port

• Decreased power and cooling costs by using the fewest PCI Express® lanes in PCIe® Gen3 environments

• Overlapping protection domains (OPDs) to ensure a high level of reliability as data moves to and from the PCI bus and Fibre Channel network

• Complete investment protection for legacy 8Gb and 4Gb Fibre Channel infrastructure


This card will work with servers and high end workstations with an available PCI-Express x8 slot.

Supported Operating Systems*
RHEL® 5.7/5.8, RHEL 6.2/6.3, SLES® 10 SP4, SLES 11 SP2, Citrix® XenServer® 6.0.1/6.1, VMWare ESX®/ESXi Server 4.1 U3, ESX/ESXi 5.0 U2, ESXi 5.1, ESXi 5.5

■ IOPS - Over 1.2 million IOPS reduces latency in high transaction intensive applications and virtualized environments

PCIe Specifications - PCI Express Base Specification, rev. 3.0; PCI Express Card Electromechanical Specification, rev. 2.0; PCI Bus Power Management Interface Specification, rev. 1.2

PROTOCOLS - SCSI-3 Fibre Channel Protocol (SCSI-FCP), Fibre Channel Tape (FC-TAPE) Profile, SCSI Fibre Channel Protocol-2 (FCP-2), Second Generation FC Generic Services (FC-GS-2), and Third Generation FC Generic Services (FC-GS-3)

FORM FACTOR - Low Profile 

INTERFACE -  PCI Express Gen3 x4, Gen2 x8 (x8 physical connector)

■ PORTS - Dual-port 16Gbps Gen 5 Fibre Channel 

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ROHS Compliant

Alternate MPNs: 3PCN3 03PCN3

Weight: 2 lb

Warranty: 1 Year DiscTech

New Pull

Condition Levels Explained

The product has been mounted in a brand new system (e.g. server), then removed from the system, before entering service. These products may have some hours of usage due to system build time / burn-in / testing etc. New Pulls are guaranteed to have at least 95% (often 99%) of their service life remaining , they may show signs of being physically mounted and dismounted. All handling is performed by trained technicians, taking full ESD precautions.

1 Year DiscTech Warranty

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