Quantum PI08A463 ProDrive ELS 85 AT 85MB Hard Drive

Maxtor Part #/MPN: PI08A463

DiscTech Item #: MAX-PI08A463-RF-OE

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Capacity: <1GB

Speed: 3,600RPM

Interface Types: IDE ATA 3.5in

Form Factor: 3.5inx1.0in LFF Hard Drive

Sector Size: 512 / 512e

Sustained Throughput: 4MB/s

Average Seek Time: 17 / 5.5

Electrical Interface: EIDE Ultra ATA3 33MBps

Quantum PI08A463 ProDrive ELS 85 AT 85MB 3.5 inch IDE Hard Drive -  Refurbished Quantum PI08A463 ProDrive ELS 85 AT:

80MB capacity
40 Pin IDE interface
33MB/s Transfer Rate
3.5" Drive

See Specifications for more details.


This drive is compatible with any computer that supports IDE / PATA hard drives.

P R O D R I V E E L S 8 5 A T QUANTUM NO MORE PRODUCED Native| Translation ------+-----+-----+----- Form 3.5"/SLIMLINE Cylinders 1536| 977| | Capacity form/unform 85/ MB Heads 2| 10| | Seek time / track 17.0/ 5.5 ms Sector/track | 17| | Controller IDE / AT Precompensation Cache/Buffer 32 KB LOOK-AHEAD Landing Zone Data transfer rate 2.500 MB/S int Bytes/Sector 512 4.000 MB/S ext Recording method RLL 1/7 operating | non-operating -------------+-------------- Supply voltage 5/12 V Temperature *C 4 50 | -40 65 Power: sleep 1.0 W Humidity % 8 85 | 5 95 standby 1.0 W Altitude km -0.060 3.000| -0.060 12.000 idle 2.8 W Shock g 6 | 70 seek 3.0 W Rotation RPM 3663 read/write 3.0 W Acoustic dBA 34 spin-up W ECC Bit 96 MTBF h 250000 Warranty Month 24 Lift/Lock/Park YES Certificates CSA,SDA,FCC,TUV,UL1950,VDE 



 +---------------------------------------------------------+ | JP1+-+-+-+ |XX | +-+ +-+-+-+ |XX | | | SP DS CS |XX | | |HDA |XX | +-+ |XX AT-Bus | |.X J41C | |XX | |XX | |XX | |XX | |X1 | | | |XX Power | |XX1 J41B | |xx | +-+LED |XX Power | +-+ |XX J41A +---------------------------------------------------------+ 1 



Jumper setting

x = Jumper set at factory

 JP1 Drive Select/Cable Select/Slave Present -------------------------------------------- +------+------+------+--------------------------------------------+ |DS |CS |SP | Description | +------+------+------+--------------------------------------------+ |OPEN |OPEN |OPEN | Slave Drive | | | | | Compatible with drive using PDIAG- line to | | | | | handle Master/Slave communications | +------+------+------+--------------------------------------------+ |OPEN |OPEN |CLOSED| Slave Drive | | | | | The PDIAG- and DASP- lines are not driven | +------+------+------+--------------------------------------------+ x|CLOSED|OPEN |OPEN | Master Drive | | | | | Uses DASP- to check for the presence of a | | | | | Slave | +------+------+------+--------------------------------------------+ |CLOSED|OPEN |CLOSED| Master Drive | | | | | Uses the SP jumper to determine whether a | | | | | Slave is present, without checking PDIAG- | | | | | or DASP- | +------+------+------+--------------------------------------------+ |OPEN |CLOSED| X | Slave or Master Drive, depending on the | | | | | state of the Quantum Cable Select signal | | | | | (pin 28) at the IDE-bus interface | | | | | connector. | | | | | If the signal state is set to OPEN | | | | | (grounded) then the drive is configured a | | | | | if DS were CLOSED, described above. If the | | | | | Cable Select signal is set to CLOSED | | | | | (high), then the drive is configured as if | | | | | DS were OPEN, described above. | +------+------+------+--------------------------------------------+ 

X indicates the jumper setting does not matter.

 Caution: The CS and DS jumpers should never be installed at the same time. 

DS Drive Select Jumper
You can configure two drives on the ATA Interface as Master (Drive 0)
and Slave (Drive 1) using the DS jumpers. Set the CS jumpers to OPEN
for each drive. Then, set the DS Jumper to CLOSED on one drive to
configure that drive as Master. Set the DS jumper to OPEN on the
other drive to configure as Slave.

 Note: For drives configured using the DS jumper, the order in which drives are connected in a daisy chain has no significance. 

CS Cable Select Jumper
When two ProDrive ELS 42/85/127/170AT hard disk drives are daisy-
chained together, they can be configured as Master and Slave by using
the CS jumper or by using the DS jumper - BUT NOT BOTH. To configure
the two drives using the CS jumper, set the CS jumper to CLOSED and
the DS jumper to OPEN on each drive.

Once you install the CS jumper, the drive is configured as a Master
or Slave by state of the Cable Select signal, which is pin 28 at the
IDE-bus interface connector. Quantum uses pin 28 as a vendor-specific
pin; it does NOT conform to the function normally allocated for this
pin according to the ATA (AT Attachment).

Pin 28 is grounded - that is, set to OPEN - on the cable coming from
the host. This configures the first drive as Master. Then, pin 28 on
the connector at the second drive should be made an open circuit by a
cut in signal line 28 in the cable from the first drive, so it
becomes high - that is, set to CLOSED - due to a pull-up in the
second drive. This configures the second drive as a Slave.

SP Slave Present Jumper
The SP jumper normally is not needed. However, when the ProDrive ELS
42/85/127/170AT is configured as Master and is connected to a Slave
drive that does not implement the Drive Active/Slave Present (DASP-)
signal, it is necessary to set the SP jumper to CLOSED on the
ProDrive ELS 42/85/127/170AT.

J41A/B/C DC Power/Interface Connector
The drive's DC power can be applied to either section A or B.
The IDE-bus interface (40-pin) uses section C.

 J41 AT (40-pin)/DC (4-Pin & 3-Pin) Combination Connector +----------------------------------------------------------------+ | 3-Pin 4-Pin | | 40-Pin AT (J41 Section C) DC Power DC Power| | +---------------------------------------+ J41B J41A | | |o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o 1| +-----+ +-------+ | | |o o o o o o o o o o . o o o o o o o o o| |o o o| |o o o o| | | ++-------------------+------------------+ +3-2-1+ +4-3-2-1+ | +----+-------------------+---------------------------------------+ | | Pin 40 Missing Pin Pin 20 
 J41A Pin 1 +12 VDC 2 +12 VDC Return (Ground) 3 + 5 VDC Return (Ground) 4 + 5 VDC 
 J41B Pin 1 + 5 VDC 2 +12 VDC 3 Ground 



Notes on installation

Installation direction

 horizontally vertically +-----------------+ +--+ +--+ | | | +-----+ +-----+ | | | | | | | | | +-+-----------------+-+ | | | | | | +---------------------+ | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | +---------------------+ | +-----+ +-----+ | +-+-----------------+-+ +--+ +--+ | | | | +-----------------+ 

The mounting holes on the ProDrive ELS 42/85/127/170AT hard disk
drive allow the drive to be mounted in any orientation.

Drive mounting orientation, clearance, and ventilation requirements
are described in the following subsections. For mounting, #6-32 UNC
screws are recommended. To avoid stripping the mounting-hole threads,
the maximum torque applied to the screws must not exceed 8 inch-

Drive Installation
You can install the ProDrive ELS 42/85/127/170AT hard disk drive in
an AT-compatible system in two ways:

 - To install the drive on a motherboard that contains a 40-pin IDE- bus connector, connect the drive to the motherboard using a 40-pin ribbon cable. Ensure that pin 1 of the drive is connected to pin 1 of the motherboard connector. 
 - To install the drive in a system without a 40-pin, IDE-bus connector on its motherboard you need an IDE-bus adapter kit. The adapter kit includes an adapter board and a ribbon cable, which is used to connect the board to the drive. 

The printed-circuit board assembly (PCBA) is very close to the
mounting holes. Clearance from the drive to any other surface -
except mounting surfaces - must be 3.5 millimeters (0.14 inches)
minimum. The specified screw length allows full use of the mounting-
hole threads, while avoiding damaging or placing unwanted stress on
the PCBA.

The ProDrive ELS 42/85/127/170AT hard disk drives operates without a
cooling fan, provided the ambient air temperature does not exceed
122*F (50*C).

 DC Power (J41 A and B) ---------------------- The recommended mating connectors for the +5VDC and +12VDC input power are listed above. 

J41A 4-Pin Connector: AMP P/N 1-480424-0

 Loose piece contacts: AMP P/N 61173-4 
 Strip contacts: AMP P/N 350078-4 

J41B 3-Pin Connector: Molex P/N 39-01-0033

 Loose piece contacts: Molex P/N 39-00-00341 
 Strip contacts: Molex P/N 39-00-0023 

Labels indicates the pin numbers on the connectors.

IDE-Bus Interface Connector (J41C)
On the ProDrive ELS 42/85/127/170AT hard disk drive, the IDE-bus
interface cable connector (J41 section C) is a 40-pin Universal

To prevent the possibility of incorrect installation, make sure the
connector is keyed by removing Pin 20. Removing this pin ensures the
connector cannot be installed upside down.

For mating with J41 section C, recommended cable connectors include
the following parts or their equivalents:

AMP receptacle with strain relief P/N 1-499506-0

AMP receptacle without strain relief P/N 1-746193-0

To key the cable connector, you must plug the hole that corresponds
to pin 20.

Other recommended part numbers for the mating connector include:

40-Pin Connector 3M 3417-7000 or equivalent

Strain Relief 3M 3448-2040 or equivalent

Flat Cable (Stranded 28 AWG) 3M 3365-40 or equivalent

Flat Cable (Stranded 28 AWG) 3M 3517-40 (shielded) or equivalent

AT Interface Controller
The AT Interface Controller portion of the DCAIA provides data
handling, bus control, and transfer management services for the IDE
interface. It is capable of data transfer rates of up to 4 MB/s.
Configuration and control of the interface is accomplished by the
Controller across the MAD bus. Data transfer operations are
controlled by the DCAIA Buffer Controller module.

Disk Caching
The ProDrive ELS 42/85/127/170AT hard disk drive incorporates
DisCache, a 32K (8K for the 42AT) disk cache, to enhance drive
performance. This integrated feature can significantly improve system
throughput. Read and write caching can be enabled or disabled using

 Accoustics ---------- +----------------+----------------+----------+ |Operating Mode | Measured Noise | Distance | +----------------+----------------+----------+ |Idle On Track | 32 dbA (mean) | 39.3in | | | 37 dbA (max.) | (1m) | +----------------+----------------+----------+ |Seeking (Random)| 36 dbA (mean) | 39.3in | | | 41 dbA (max.) | (1m) | +----------------+----------------+----------+ 

DC Motor Assembly
Integral with the base casting, the DC motor assembly is a rotating-
shaft, brushless DC spindle motor that drives the counter-clockwise
rotation of the disks.



System Startup and Operation
Once you have installed the ProDrive ELS 42/85/127/170AT hard disk
drive and adapter board (if required) in the host system, you are
ready to partition and format the drive for operation. To set up the
drive correctly, follow these steps:

1. Power on the system

 2. Run the SETUP program. This is generally on a Diagnostics or Utilities disk, or within the system's BIOS. 
 The SETUP program allows you to enter the types of optional hard- ware installed - such as the hard disk drive type, the floppy disk drive capacity, and the display adapter type. The system's BIOS uses this information to initialize the system when the power is switched on. For instructions on how to use the SETUP program, refer to the system manual for your PC. 

3. Enter the appropriate parameters.

 During the AT system CMOS setup, you must enter the drive type for the ProDrive ELS 42/85/127/170AT hard disk drive. This procedure allows the system to recognize the drive by translating its physical drive geometry oarameters such as cylinders, heads, and sectors per track, into a logical addressing mode. 
 ProDrive ELS 42/85/127/170AT drives can work with different BIOS drive-type tables of various host system. You can choose any drive type that does not exceed the capacity of the drive. 
 +----------------------------------------------+ |Logical Addressing Format | +---------------------+-----+-----+------+-----+ | |42AT |85AT |127AT |170AT| +---------------------+-----+-----+------+-----+ |Logical Cylinders | 968 | 977 | 919 | 1011| |Logical Heads | 5 | 10 | 16 | 15| |Logical Sectors/Track| 17 | 17 | 17 | 22| +---------------------+-----+-----+------+-----+ 

4. Boot the system using the operating system installation disk.

Formatted Capacity
At the factory, the ProDrive ELS 42/85/127/170AT receives a low-level
format that creates the actual tracks and sectors on the drive.

Data Transfer Rates
Data is transferred from the disk to the read buffer at a rate up to
2.5MB/s in burst. Data is transferred from the read buffer to the AT
bus at a rate up to 4.0 MB/s, using programmed I/O.

 Timing Specifications --------------------- +------------+-----------------+-----------------+------------------+ | | Typical Nominal | Maximum Nominal |Maximum Worst Case| | Parameters +-------+---------+------+----------+------+-----------+ | | 42AT | 85/127/ | 42AT | 85/127 | 42AT | 85/127/ | | | | 170AT | | 170AT | | 170AT | +------------+-------+---------+------+----------+------+-----------+ |Single-track| 5.5ms | 5.5ms | 6.5ms| 6.5ms | 6.5ms| 6.5ms | |Average Seek| 19ms | 17ms | 20ms | 18ms | 21ms | 19ms | |1/3-Stroke | 20ms | 18ms | 21ms | 19ms | 23ms | 20ms | |Full Stroke | 37ms | 33ms | 38ms | 34ms | 39ms | 35ms | |Sequential | | | | | | | |Head-Switch | 4ms | 4ms | 6ms | 6ms | 6ms | 6ms | |Ave. Latency| 8.2ms | 8.2ms | 8.2ms| 8.2ms | 8.2ms| 8.2ms | +------------+-------+---------+------+----------+------+-----------+ 
 Reliability ----------- Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF): 250,000 Power On Hours (POH), typical usage Preventive Maintenance (PM): None required Mean Time To Repair (MTTR): 30 minutes Start/Stop: 40,000 cycles (minimum) 

The Quantum MTBF numbers represent Bell-Core MTBF predictions at
ambient operating conditions and represent the minimum MTBF that
Quantum or a customer would expect from the drive. Quantum's ongoing
reliability testing and field return data has historically confirmed
an actual MTBF of twice the Bell-Core prediction.

Error Detection and Correction
As disk drive areal densities increase, obtaining extremely low error
rate requires a new generation of soghisticated error-correction
codes. Quantum ProDrive ELS 42/85/127/170AT series hard disk drives
implement 112-bit single- and double-burst Reed-Solomon error
correction techniques to reduce the uncorrectable read error rate to
less than one bit in 1 x 10(14) bits read.

When errors occur, an automatic retry and a more rigorous double-
burst correction algorithm enable the correction of any sector with
two burst of three incorrect bytes each or up to six multiple random
one-byte burst errors. In addition to these advanced error correction
capabilities, the drive's additional cross-checking code and
algorithm double checks the main ECC correction to greatly reduce the
probability of miscorrection.

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Weight: 1.8 lb

Warranty: 1 Year DiscTech


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