Seagate ST3500415SS 500GB SAS Hard Drive

Seagate Part #/MPN: ST3500415SS

DiscTech Item #: SGT-ST3500415SS-BN-5Y

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Enterprise Grade

Capacity: 500GB

Speed: 7,200RPM

Interface Types: SAS Serial Attached SCSI

Form Factor: 3.5inx1.0in LFF Hard Drive

Encryption/SED Supported

Sector Size: 512 / 512e

Sustained Throughput: 60 to 150

Average Seek Time: 8.5/9.5

Electrical Interface: SAS-2 Serial Attached SCSI v2 - 6.0Gbps

Seagate ST3500415SS 500GB 3.5in 6Gbps 7.2K RPM HS SED Constellation ES SAS HDD - Brand New

Seagate ST3500415SS 500GB 3.5" 6.0 Gbps 7200 RPM Hot Swappable Self-Encrypting Drive Constellation ES Serial Attached SCSI Hard Disk Drive - Brand New

Constellation ES drives provide high performance, high capacity data storage for a variety of systems including engineering workstations, network servers, mainframes, and supercomputers. The Serial Attached SCSI interface is designed to meet next-generation computing demands for performance, scalability, flexibility and high density storage requirements.

Constellation ES drives are random access storage devices designed to support the Serial Attached SCSI Protocol as described in the ANSI specifications, this document, and the SAS Interface Manual (part number 100293071) which describes the general interface characteristics of this drive. Constellation ES drives are classified as intelligent peripherals and provide level 2 conformance (highest level) with the ANSI SCSI-1 standard.

The SAS connectors, cables and electrical interface are compatible with Serial ATA (SATA), giving future users the choice of populating their systems with either SAS or SATA hard disc drives. This allows you to continue to leverage your existing investment in SCSI while gaining a 6Gb/s serial data transfer rate.

The Self-Encrypting Drive models indicated on the cover of this product manual have provisions for “Security of Data at Rest” based on the standards defined by the Trusted Computing Group.

The head and disc assembly (HDA) is sealed at the factory. Air recirculates within the HDA through a nonreplaceable filter to maintain a contamination-free HDA environment.

Constellation ES drives use a dedicated load/unload zone at the outermost radius of the media to eliminate the possibility of destroying or degrading data by landing in the data zone. The heads automatically go to the ramp load/unload when power is removed from the drive.

An automatic shipping lock prevents potential damage to the heads and discs that results from movement during shipping and handling. The shipping lock disengages and the head load process begins when power is applied to the drive.

Constellation ES drives decode track 0 location data from the servo data embedded on each surface to eliminate mechanical transducer adjustments and related reliability concerns.

The drives also use a high-performance actuator assembly with a low-inertia, balanced, patented, straight arm design that provides excellent performance with minimal power dissipation.

Constellation ES drives have the following standard features:

  • Perpendicular recording technology
  • 1.5 / 3 / 6 Gb Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) interface
  • Integrated dual port SAS controller supporting the SCSI protocol
  • Support for SAS expanders and fan out adapters
  • Firmware downloadable using the SAS interface
  • 128 - deep task set (queue)
  • Supports up to 32 initiators
  • Jumper less configuration.
  • User-selectable logical block size (512, 520, 524 or 528 bytes per logical block).
  • Industry standard 3.5-inch dimensions
  • Programmable logical block reallocation scheme
  • Flawed logical block reallocation at format time
  • Programmable auto write and read reallocation
  • Reallocation of defects on command (Post Format)
  • ECC maximum burst correction length of 400 bits
  • No preventive maintenance or adjustments required
  • Embedded servo design
  • Dedicated head load/unload zone
  • Self diagnostics performed when power is applied to the drive
  • Vertical, horizontal, or top down mounting
  • 16 Mbyte data buffer (see Section 5.5).
  • Drive Self-Test (DST)
  • • Background Media Scan (BMS)
  • Idle Read After Write (IRAW)
  • Power Save

Constellation® ES Series SAS Self-Encrypting Drive models have the following additional features:

  • Automatic data encryption/decryption
  • Controlled access
  • Random number generator
  • Drive locking
  • 16 independent data bands
  • Cryptographic erase of user data for a drive that will be repurposed or scrapped
  • Authenticated firmware download


This drive is compatible with any server that accepts 3.5"x1.0" (LFF Hard Drive) SAS drives.

Drive ModelST3500415SS
InterfaceSAS 6Gb/s
Internal Drive Characteristics
Standard SED modelsYes
SED (FIPS 140-2) modelsNo
Read/write data heads2
Bytes per track1,012,608
Bytes per surface (MB)250,000
Tracks per surface (total)248,600
Tracks per inch (TPI)237,000
Peak bits per inch (BPI)1,515,000
Areal density (Gb/in)347
Internal data rate (MB/s)95 - 212
Disc rotation speed (RPM)7200
Avg rotational latency (ms)4.16
Seek Performance Characteristics
Average Access time Not including controller overhead (ms)8.3 Read/ 9.3 Write
Average Access time Including controller overhead (ms)8.5 Read/ 9.5 Write
Single Track Access time Not including controller overhead (ms)0.5 Read/ 0.8 Write
Single Track Access time Including controller overhead (ms)0.7 Read/ 1.0 Write
Full stroke Access time Not including controller overhead (ms)18 Read/ 19 Write
Full stroke Access time Including controller overhead (ms)18.2 Read/ 19.2 Write
Maximum Format command execution time for 512-byte sectors (minutes with verify)173
Maximum Format command execution time for 512-byte sectors (minutes without verify)86
General Performance Characteristics
Minimum sector interleave1 to 1
Data buffer to/from disc media (one 512-byte logical block)95 to 212 MB/s
Sustained transfer rate60 to 150 MB/s
SAS Interface maximum instantaneous transfer rate600MB/s per port
Logical block sizes512 (default), 520, 524, or 528
Read/write consecutive sectors on a trackYes
Flaw reallocation performance impact (for flaws reallocated at format time using the spare sectors per sparing zone reallocation scheme.)Negligible
Average rotational latency4.16 ms
Reliability Specifications
Seek Error rateLess than 10 errors in 10E8 seeks
Read Error Rates Recovered DataLess than 10 errors in 10E12 bits transferred (OEM default settings)
Read Error Rates Unrecovered DataLess than 1 sector in 10E15 bits transferred
Read Errors Rates Miscorrected DataLess than 1 sector in 10E21 bits transferred
Interface error rateLess than 1 error in 10E12 bits transferred
Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)1,200,000 hours
Annualized Failure Rate (AFR)0.73%
Preventive maintenanceNone required
Hot PlugYes
S.M.A.R.T. On-line only delay times233 ms
S.M.A.R.T. Fully-enabled delay times560 ms

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ROHS Compliant

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