Seagate ST400FM0002 400GB SAS SSD

Seagate Part #/MPN: ST400FM0002

DiscTech Item #: SGT-ST400FM0002-BN-OE

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Enterprise Grade

Capacity: 400GB

Speed: Solid State Memory

Interface Types: SAS Serial Attached SCSI

Form Factor: 2.5inx7mm Fits All laptops

Sector Size: 512 / 512e

Sustained Throughput: 370

Electrical Interface: SAS-2 Serial Attached SCSI v2 - 6.0Gbps


Seagate ST400FM0002 400GB 2.5in 6Gbps Pulsar.2 SAS High Endurance MLC SSD -Brand New

Seagate ST400FM0002 400GB 2.5" 6.0 Gbps Pulsar.2 Statistical Analysis System High Endurance Multi-Level Cell Solid State Disk Drive - Brand New

Performance is important, but endurance and data integrity are critical. The Pulsar.2 SSD can routinely complete ten full drive writes per day, for a total bytes written score (TBW) of 15 petabytes (for an 800GB drive over the life of the device). The Pulsar.2 drive has been designed for the enterprise environment with the intelligence to automatically detect and correct a multitude of data errors that can occur during normal drive operation to deliver the highest levels of enterprise-class data integrity. Additional endurance features include:

  • Advanced media-management technology and Protection Information (PI is SAS only) to help protect against unexpected data change or loss
  • Background media scanning to help protect against read disturb data errors
  • Power-loss data protection to help ensure data is not lost or inadvertently changed during unexpected power loss
  • Wear-leveling algorithms to ensure that every block on the NAND is written to an equal number of times and as evenly as possible to maximize the life of the device
  • Garbage collection techniques to identify the next best block on the NAND flash to erase and rewrite before the space is actually needed


This drive is compatible with any server that accepts 2.5" x 7mm (Thin/Case) SAS drives

Drive ModelST400FM0002
Interface Option6Gbps SAS
NAND Flash TypeMLC
Sustained Data Transfer Rate, Max (MB/s)370
I/O Data Transfer Rate, Max (MB/s)600
Sequential Read/Write Command Rate (MB/s) Peak, 128KB370/200
Random Read/Write Command Rate (IOPS) Peak, 4KB48,000/15,000
Unrecoverable Read Errors per Bits Read1 LBA per 10E16 1
Annualized Failure Rate (AFR)0.44%
Power Management
+12/+5V Max Start Current (A)0.35/0.50
Average Idle Power (W)3.49
Average Operating Power (W)4.75
Internal Operating Temperature (°C)0 to 60
Nonoperating Temperature (°C)−40 to 70
Temperature Change Rate/Hr, Operating Max (°C)20
Temperature Change Rate/Hr, Nonoperating Max (°C)20
Shock, 0.5ms Operating (Gs)1000
Shock, 0.5ms Nonoperating (Gs)1000
Vibration, 20Hz to 2000Hz Operating Grms)11.08
Vibration, 20Hz to 2000Hz Nonoperating Grms)11.08
Height (mm/in)7.0/0.276
Width (mm/in)70.10/2.76
Length (mm/in)100.45/3.955

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ROHS Compliant

Weight: 1 lb

Warranty: 5 Year Manufacturer

Brand New

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The product is brand new.

5 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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