Seagate ST800FM0213 800GB SAS Solid State Drive

Seagate Part #/MPN: ST800FM0213

DiscTech Item #: SGT-ST800FM0213-BN-5Y

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Enterprise Grade

Capacity: 800GB

Speed: Solid State Memory

Interface Types: SAS Serial Attached SCSI

Form Factor: 2.5inx7mm Fits All laptops

Encryption/SED Supported

Sector Size: 512 / 512e

Sustained Throughput: 1900 / 850

Average Seek Time: 115 μs

Electrical Interface: SAS-3 Serial Attached SCSI v3 - 12.0Gbps


SSD Endurance DWPD: Enterprise Mixed Use

Seagate Nytro 1200.2 Mainstream Endurance ST800FM0213 800GB 2.5 inch 12Gbps eMLC 10-DWPD SED FIPS SAS SSD - Brand New

Seagate Nytro 1200.2 Mainstream Endurance ST800FM0213 800GB 2.5" 12Gb/s Enterprise MLC 10-DWPD Self Encrypting FIPS Serial Attached SCSI Solid State Drive - Brand New

1200.2 SAS SSD Family
The Seagate 1200.2 SSD family includes the next-generation of high-capacity, high performance SAS SSDs designed with multiple endurance offerings optimized for demanding enterprise applications and maximum TCO savings.

Industry Leading up to 1900MB/s
The 1200.2 SAS SSD family delivers ultra-fast, consistent and easily scalable performance that exceeds 12Gb/s SAS single port bandwidth. By removing the storage bottleneck, it closes the gap between processor and data storage performance and significantly improves overall system and application responsiveness. The 1200.2 SAS SSD family also provides consistent low-latency data access, reliably accelerating enterprise and cloud storage systems.

High Capacity Solution with Multiple Endurance Offerings
Enterprise applications have different storage workload requirements for performance, endurance and cost. The optimal storage solution for databases or virtualization with a typically mixed read/write workload, for example, requires the highest random read/write IOPS, ultra-low latency, and high endurance; content streaming applications with highly intensive read workloads, however, demand high sequential read throughput and high storage density at the lowest cost per gigabyte.

The 1200.2 SAS SSD family offers, industry-leading range of capacities including 4TB-class in a 2.5-inch form factor, to increase enterprise storage density in data centers. It also enables the maximum TCO savings by offering four endurance categories to match cost and performance requirements of all enterprise workloads.

Enhanced Enterprise Reliability, Data Protection and Security
The 1200.2 SAS SSD family leverages Seagate’s decades of enterprise SAS expertise and proven feature set to deliver the highest levels of reliability, data integrity and data security for mission critical enterprise applications.

The 1200.2 SAS SSD family delivers best-in-class data protection and reliability by integrating full internal and external data path protection (T10 DIF), Seagate’s advanced ECC algorithms, media life cycle management and other techniques for extending flash memory life. With advanced power-loss data protection, the 1200.2 SSD maintains high data integrity to prevent loss of user data in the event of unexpected power interruptions.

The 1200.2 family implements security features to prevent unauthorized access to a drive and safeguards stored data with three levels of security, including Secure Downloads & Diagnostics, TCG-compliant Self-Encrypting Drive and FIPS drive.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Dual port 12Gb/s SAS interface for the highest level of enterprise reliability, availability and scalability
  • Industry-leading storage density range including 4TB-class capacity in a 2.5-inch form factor
  • Ultra-fast performance of up to 1900MB/s that nearly saturates both 12Gb/s ports
  • Endurance options to match the needs of a wide range of enterprise workloads
  • SAS dual-port communication path for redundant, failover I/O communication to ensure data availability in critical production systems
  • Power loss data protection circuit to prevent loss of data in the event of unexpected power interruptions or hot swap
  • Superior data security including Secure Downloads & Diagnostics, and Seagate Secure™ Self Encrypting Drive (SED) and FIPS SED models
  • Advanced error correction for high level of data integrity


This drive is compatible with any Servers and Workstations that accepts 2.5in x 7mm SAS drives.

Seagate Secure FIPS 140-2 ModelST800FM0213
InterfaceDual 12Gb/s SAS
NAND Flash TypeeMLC
Form Factor2.5 in x 7mm
Sequential Read (MB/s) Peak, 128KB1900
Sequential Write (MB/s) Peak, 128KB850
Random Read (IOPS) Peak, 4B QD 32200,000
Random Write (IOPS) Peak, 4B QD3280,000
Average Latency (μs)115
Lifetime Endurance (DWPD)10
Nonrecoverable Read Errors per Bits Read1 per 10E17
Annualized Failure Rate (AFR)0.35%
Power Management
+5/+12V Max Start Current (A)0.44/0.41
Average Sleep Power (W)3.1
Configurable Power Limit Settings (W)9 to 12
Average Idle Power (W)3.6
Temperature, Operating (°C)0 to 70
Temperature, Nonoperating (°C)-40 to 75
Temperature Change Rate/Hr, Max (°C)20
Relative Humidity, Noncondensing (%)5 to 95
Shock, 0.5ms (Gs)1000
Vibration, 10Hz to 500Hz (Grms)1.98
Height (in/mm, max)0.276/7.00
Width (in/mm, max)2.760/70.10
Depth (in/mm, max)3.955/100.45
Weight (lb/g)0.1874/85

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ROHS Compliant

Weight: 0.5 lb

Warranty: 5 Year Manufacturer

Brand New

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The product is brand new.

5 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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