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Dell Laptop AC Power Adapter Compatibility Chart

A guide to cross reference AC/DC adaptors with Dell laptop models.

Please select your type of computer by clicking on it. You may then scroll down to your particular model. All the compatible AC Power Adapters will be listed. The ones we carry are underlined. You may click on any of these and be taken directly to that item's web page in our online store. These adapters are sometimes also referred to as AC/DC Power Adaptors, Power Bricks, AC/DC Power Transformers and Power Cords.

InspironLatitudePrecisionSmartStepVostroMobile XPS

Inspiron Computers

Inspiron Computer ModelMinimum Power RequiredCompatible Adapter Family (Power Supplied)
B12060WPA-16 (60W)
B13060WPA-16 (60W)
X20050WPA-8 (50W), PA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W),
E140565WPA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
E150565WPA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
E170590WPA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
100060WPA-16 (60W)
110090WPA-9 (90W)
115090WPA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
120060WPA-16 (60W)
130060WPA-16 (60W)
142065WPA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
150165WPA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
152065WPA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
152165WPA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
172090WPA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
172190WPA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
200050WADP-50SB (50W)
210050WADP-50SB (50W)
220060WPA-16 (60W)
250070WPA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)
260070WPA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)
265070WPA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)
300m65WPA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
300045WPA-3 (45W), PA-4 (70W), PA-5 (60W)
320045WPA-3 (45W), PA-4 (70W), PA-5 (60W)
350060WPA-4 (70W), PA-5 (60W)
370070WPA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)
380070WPA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)
400070WPA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)
410070WPA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)
415070WPA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)
500m65WPA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
510m65WPA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
5000 / 5000e70WPA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)
510090WPA-9 (90W)
5150130WPA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
5160130WPA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
600m65WPA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
630m65WPA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
600065WPA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
640065WPA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
640m65WPA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
700m65WPA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
710m65WPA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
700070WPA-4 (70W)
750070WPA-4 (70W)
800070WPA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)
810070WPA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)
820090WPA-9 (90W)
850090WPA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
8600 / 8600c65WPA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
9100150WPA-15 (150W)
920090WPA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
930090WPA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
940090WPA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)

Latitude Computers

Latitude Computer ModelMinimum Power RequiredCompatible Adapter Family (Power Supplied)
100L90WPA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
110L60WPA-16 (60W)
120L60WPA-16 (60W)
131L65WPA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
C40050WPA-8 (50W), PA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)
C50070WPA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)
C51070WPA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)
C54070WPA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)
C60070WPA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)
C61070WPA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)
C64070WPA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)
C80070WPA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)
C81070WPA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)
C84090WPA-9 (90W)
CP70WPA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)
CPi70WPA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)
CPiA70WPA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)
CPiR70WPA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)
CPtC70WPA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)
CPtV70WPA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)
CPxH70WPA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)
CPxJ70WPA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)
CS R70WPA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)
CSxH70WPA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)
D40065WPA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
D41065WPA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
D42065WPA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
D43065WPA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
D50065WPA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
D51065WPA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
D52065WPA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
D53165WPA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
D60065WPA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
D61065WPA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
D62065WPA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
D63065WPA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
D63165WPA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
D80090WPA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
D81090WPA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
D82090WPA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
D83090WPA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
L40050WADP-50SB (50W)
LS50WADP-50SB (50W)
LT50WPA-7 (39.6W)
V70070WPA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)
V71070WPA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)
V74070WPA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)
X150WPA-17 (50W), PA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
X20050WPA-8 (50W), PA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)
X30065WPA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)

Precision Computers

Precision Computer ModelMinimum Power RequiredCompatible Adapter Family (Power Supplied)
M2090WPA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
M230065WPA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
M4070WPA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)
M430090WPA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
M5090WPA-9 (90W)
M6090WPA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
M6300130WPA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
M6590WPA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
M7090WPA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
M90130WPA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)

SmartStep Computers

SmartStep Computer ModelMinimum Power RequiredCompatible Adapter Family (Power Supplied)
100n70WPA-2 (70W), PA-6 (70W), PA-9 (90W)
200n90WPA-11 (90W)
250n90WPA-11 (90W)

Vostro Computers

Vostro Computer ModelMinimum Power RequiredCompatible Adapter Family (Power Supplied)
100065WPA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
140065WPA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
150065WPA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
170090WPA-10 (90W), PA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)

Mobile XPS Computers

Mobile XPS Computer ModelMinimum Power RequiredCompatible Adapter Family (Power Supplied)
Gen2130WPA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
M121065WPA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
M133065WPA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
M14065WPA-12 (65W), PA-10 (90W), PA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
M170130WPA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
M1710130WPA-13 (130W), PA-15 (150W)
M2010150WPA-15 (150W)
XPS150WPA-15 (150W)