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Power Disable (LPD / PWDIS) SATA Power Adapter Requirements

The "Power Disable" feature (PWDIS) is a new industry standard for enterprise SATA hard drives. This allows the host system to save power or perform a remote power reset to the hard drive (HDD). This feature is found on many new enterprise SATA HDDs.

Most modern data storage arrays and hot swap servers already support Power Disable. However legacy storage systems, older SATA & SAS controllers & HBAs or cabled hard drive systems may not support (PWDIS).

***If your new HDD is not spinning up, or will not recognize or initialize in your system, you most likely need an adapter that bypasses (PWDIS) so your system can use HDDs with this feature.*** Please check your SATA power cable to confirm if you need an adapter to power your HDD.

5 pin SATA Power ConnectorAdapter Required
5 pin to 4 pin SATA Power Adapter
4 pin SATA Power ConnectorAdapter not Required

You can also power your HDD from 4pin MOLEX to SATA Power connector you can use this adapter.

Molex to SATA Power Adapter4 pin female molex to SATA power adapter