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White Label Drive Information

What are White Label Hard Drives

White Label drives are ones that have failed in the field and have been repaired at a facility other than the original manufacturer's. The law and the original manufacturer then require that the repair facility remove or hide the original manufacturer's label and replace it with one of their own. Thus, the repair facility applies a "White Label" over the original label to hide it from view.

How are Hard Drives Repaired?

Drives being repaired at the original manufacturer's facility are processed in a cleanroom and have available all of the manufacturer's considerable expertise and equipment. It is absolutely necessary to perform these repairs in a cleanroom environment due to the sensitivity to contamination of the drive's internal components.

What Does All This Mean to You?

There is no questioning the fact that one can save a considerable amount of money by purchasing White Label drives. What is the price of reliability though? It is clear that White Label drives do not offer the same reliability or mean time between failure (MTBF) as drives remanufactured by the original equipment manufacturer. They also do not carry the same warranty you would get from the manufacturer. Therefore, one must add to the basic cost of purchasing one of these White Label drives, the cost of replacing them when they fail soon after their acquisition. These costs would include the cost of buying another drive plus all the other costs associated with rebuilding a server that is down. The potential cost due to lost business is also a consideration.

DiscTech's Policy on White Label Hard Drives

DiscTech absolutely will never sell White Label Hard Drives to our customers. We do carry Factory Recertified / Factory Repaired / Factory Refurbished hard drives but they are all guaranteed to have been rebuilt at the original manufacturer's facility.