Alvaco 2140 SW OptiQroute Load Balancer

ALVACO Part #/MPN: 2140SW

DiscTech Item #: ALV-2140SW-BN-1Y

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Interface Types: Ethernet RJ45

On-Board Cache: 128MB

Bays/Ports/Slots: 4

Alvaco Networks OptiQroute 2140 Load Balancer - 4 WAN Ports - Brand New

Higher Bandwidth and Perfect Inbound/Outbound Load Balancing

  • Four 100 Mbps line aggregated from your ISP, ADSL, cable or mixed
  • Load balanced throughput up to 75 Mbps


Stronger Hardware Support:

  • 16 MB Flash / 128 MB SDRAM


More Private Communications:

  • Up to 150 LAN-to-LAN
  • Up to 500 Road Warrior IPSec VPN tunnels


Comprehensive Network Security Suite:

  • VPN / SPI firewall
  • NAT / PAT
  • DMZ host to separate your LAN from the hostile internet
  • IP aliasing anti DoS


Virtual Server Load Balancing


NAT mode


Transparent mode


Anti DoS

Technical Specifications 2140
Hardware & InterfaceCPU PowerPC 266MHz
  • SDRAM : 128MB
  • Flash : 16MB
  • SRAM: 1MB
WAN Port 4*10/100M
LAN Port1*10/100M
DMZ Port1*10/100M
Load Balance CapabilityGlobal Load Balance In/Outbound
Load Balance Bandwidth 50M
Auto Detect Line Status
Load Balance Algorithm5
  • Round-robin
  • Weighted Round-robin
  • Auto Learning
  • Fastest
  • Priority
IP Aliasing
Packet ShapingQoS
Smart Outgoing
ReportingLog 1 Month Even w/o PWR
Real Time Trap Report LED/SNMP/Mail
Hardware Loading Report
Bandwidth Management Report
Firewall SPI
Intrution Detection/Prevention System
Hardware VPN Optional
ReliabilitySystem Auto Detection & Recover
Power & Fan cooler 1 Set (90~240V)
ServiceDHCP Relay/Server
Transparent Mode (Proxy ARP)
User FriendlyRemote Login & Management TELNET/SSH/Web-base
Remote Software Upgradel
Quick Install

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Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer

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