Dell Powervault 220S SCSI Storage Arrays

Dell Part #/MPN: 220S

DiscTech Item #: DEL-PV220S-UP-OE


Interface Types: SCSI 80pin SCA-2 Hot-Swap, SCSI 68pin HD68

Form Factor: 3.5inx1.0in LFF Hard Drive

Electrical Interface: SCSI LVD U320 - 320MBps 16-bit

Bays/Ports/Slots: 14

Wattage/VA: 600W

Voltage: 110-240V Multi

Dell Powervault 220S SCSI Storage Array - 14 Bays, Dual Fans, Dual Power Supplies, Dual Controller Cards - Used

Dell PowerVault 220S systems are reliable, flexible, external SCSI expansion enclosures designed to support multiple Dell storage environments and RAID configurations. Each system offers maximized drive-spindle count, hot-plug hard drives, optional redundant power, redundant cooling, rackmount capability, systems management features, and a modular design for easy upgrades. Most major components, including hard drives and power supply/cooling modules are hot-pluggable and can be removed and replaced easily. The enclosure management module (EMM), split-bus module, and SCSI terminator card are "warm-pluggable." This means they can be removed or inserted while the power is on, but all I/O activity has ceased.

Uses Dell 9D988 trays / caddies.


SCSI hard drives

support for up to fourteen 1-inch-by-3.5-inch LVD Ultra 160 and Ultra 320 hot-plug hard drives, at speeds of 10K or 15K rpm.



support for any of the following:

  • one 14-device SCSI bus (joined-bus mode)
  • one clustered 13-device SCSI bus (cluster mode)
  • two independent 7-device SCSI buses (split-bus mode)

Back-Panel Connectors

SCSI connector

68-pin shielded P-type SCSI for connection to host

Backplane Board Connectors

Hard drives

fourteen 80-pin SCA-2 connectors

Power supply/cooling module

2 high-current connectors

Enclosure management modules (EMM)

210-pin connector

Split-bus module

180-pin connector

Enclosure Modules


2 warm-pluggable modules

Split-bus module

1 warm-pluggable module with an external slide switch to change between split-bus, joined-bus, and cluster modes

SCSI terminator card

1 warm-pluggable module to the terminate SCSI bus in nonredundant EMM configurations

LED Indicators

Front panel

5 LED status indicators for power, fault, split bus, cluster mode, and over-temperature

Hard-drive carrier

1 single-color activity LED and 1 two-color LED status indicator per drive


3 LED status indicators for power, fault, and active status

Split-bus module

1 LED indicator for power

Power supply and cooling module

3 LED status indicators for power supply status, power supply fault, and AC status and 2 for cooling module fault

Power Supplies


600 W

Heat dissipation

200 W


100-240 V rated (actual 85-264 V)


50-60 Hz


9.4 A at 100 V, 4.6 A at 200 V



13.26 cm (5.22 inches)


44.58 cm (17.55 inches)


50.8 cm (20 inches)


PowerVault 220S

PowerVault 221S


32.4 kg (71.5 lb.) maximum redundant configuration with all hard drives installed

42.2 kg (93.0 lb.) maximum redundant configuration with all hard drives installed






10° to 35°C (50° to 95°F)

-40° to 65°C (-40° to 149°F)

Relative humidity




8% to 80% (noncondensing)

8% to 95% (noncondensing)




-16 to 3048 m (-50 to 10,000 ft)

BTU per hour


Available Hard-Drive Power (Per Slot)

Supported hard-drive power consumption

up to 1.3 A at +12V
up to 1.5 A at +5V

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Weight: 55 lb

Warranty: 1 Year DiscTech

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