IBM 43X0824 SFF SAS Hard Drives

IBM Part #/MPN: 43X0824

DiscTech Item #: IBM-43X0824-RF-OE


Enterprise Grade

Capacity: 146GB

Speed: 10,000RPM

Interface Types: SAS Serial Attached SCSI

Form Factor: 2.5inx15mm SFF Server Drive

Sector Size: 512 / 512e

Sustained Throughput: 55 to 89

Average Seek Time: 3.8 / 4.4

Electrical Interface: SAS-1 Serial Attached SCSI - 3.0Gbps

On-Board Cache: 16MB

IBM 43X0824 146GB 10K 3.0Gbps SFF Serial SCSI / SAS Hard Drive - Refurbished

This 2.5-inch enterprise disc drive makes possible a new class of high I/O, high-density storage solutions. Space-constrained data centers are enabled to achieve higher IOPs (input/output per second) performance in small form factor system configurations while maintaining the highest levels of reliability.

These drives combine giant magnetoresistive (GMR) heads, partial response/maximum likelihood (PRML) read channel electronics, embedded servo technology, and a Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) interface to provide high performance, high capacity data storage for a variety of systems including engineering workstations, network servers, mainframes, and supercomputers. The Serial Attached SCSI interface is designed to meet next-generation computing demands for performance, scalability, flexibility and high-density storage requirements.


System x x3200
System x x3200 M2System x x3250System x x3250 M2System x x3350
System x x3400System x x3455System x x3500System x x3550
System x x3600System x x3650System x x3655System x x3700
System x x3755System x x3800System x x3850System x x3850 M2
System x x3950System x x3950 M2System x x3950E

Specifications146 GB
Model Number43X0824
Formatted 512 Kbytes/Sector (GB)146.8
Interface3-Gb/s SAS
External Transfer Rate (MB/s)300
Spindle Speed (RPM)10K
Average Latency (msec)3.0
Seek Time 
Average Read/Write (msec)3.8/4.4
Track-to-Track Read/Write (msec)0.2/0.4
Sustained Transfer Rate,
Outer to Inner Diameter (MB/s)
89 to 55
Cache, Multisegmented (MB)16
Nonrecoverable Read Errors per Bits Read1 sector per 10E16
Annualized Failure Rate (AFR)0.55%
Power Management 
Typical Op (amps) +12V/+5V0.39/0.79
Power Idle (watts)5.2
Temperature, Operating (°C)5 to 55
Temperature, Nonoperating (°C)–40 to 70
Shock, Operating: 2 msec (Gs)60
Shock, Nonoperating: 2 msec (Gs)300
Acoustics Idle (bels—sound power)3.1
Vibration, Operating: <400 Hz (Gs)0.5
Vibration, Nonoperating: <500 Hz (Gs)1.2
Height (in/mm)0.583/14.8
Width (in/mm)2.76/70.1
Depth (in/mm)3.945/100.2
Weight (lb/kg)0.5/0.21

Alternate MPNs: 0B22384 41Y8427 41Y8443 HUC101414CSS300 MBD2147RC

Weight: 1.8 lb

Warranty: 1 Year DiscTech


Condition Levels Explained

These products have had NO problems or failures, they merely have some usage. The product has been professionally returned to excellent condition. These items have been fully tested, formatted (if appropriate) &repackaged. Hard drives are fully vetted for surface defects and wear, only healthy disks are approved for resale to our customers. Please see our refurbishing process for more details. Watch a video about our refurbishing process

1 Year DiscTech Warranty

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