SanDisk LB806R 800GB SAS SSD


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Enterprise Grade

Capacity: 800GB

Speed: Solid State Memory

Interface Types: SAS Serial Attached SCSI

Form Factor: 2.5inx15mm SFF Server Drive

Sector Size: 512 / 512e

Sustained Throughput: 310

Electrical Interface: SAS-2 Serial Attached SCSI v2 - 6.0Gbps


SanDisk LB806R / SDLB6JC-800G 800GB 2.5in 6Gbps MLC Enterprise Lightning Read-Intensive SAS SSD - Brand New

SanDisk LB806R 800GB 2.5" 6.0 Gbps Multi-Level Cell Enterprise Lightning Read-Intensive Serial Attached SCSI Solid State Disk Drive - Brand New


Lightning Read-Intensive SAS SSD’s

Superior Read Cache and I/O Pattern Performance for Read-Heavy Enterprise Applications

Lightning Read-Intensive SAS SSDs offer solid cost-to-performance benefits for applications that demand low latency read speeds and greater bandwidth for high-speed storage and server environments. These SSDs use a parallel processing architecture that provides predictable performance, low response times under peak conditions, and proven endurance for superior value. These SSDs are ideal for mission critical, 24/7 read-intensive applications workloads with a 90/10 read/write mix.

File Servers

When flash storage is used with management software, data retrieval is optimized to match the ebbs and peaks of workload demands. Providing performance to meet rising demands is key to maintaining quality of service (QoS) for delivering data to end users.

Front-End Web Servers

Flash storage accelerates the Internet traffic that enters the data center for processing and helps to overcome I/O bottlenecks. In addition to accelerating Web traffic for enterprise data centers, SSDs support fast processing by cloud service providers.

Media Streaming and Content Creation

Flash storage works with large datasets that are generated for movies, videos, and music, and are distributed via broadcast and the Internet. These products must support high data transfer rates, faster animation rendering, and image-painting. This enhances performance with near-real-time results, improving the customer experience for those viewing the content.

Video on Demand (VOD)

Video on Demand (VOD) is accessed by PCs , smartphones, and entertainment HD-TVs or consoles. It allows users to access video from virtually any device instantly; and it gives media companies the ability to serve thousands of users simultaneously.


This drive is compatible with any server that accepts 2.5"x15mm (SFF Hard Drive) SAS drives.

Drive ModelLB 806R
Part NumberSDLB6JC-800G
Data Throughput (Sequential Read/Write)310/140 MB/s
Total IOPS (Read)78,000 IOPS
Random Read/Write 4KB - 50/50 (single port)4,000 IOPS
Random Read/Write 8KB - 50/50 (single port)17,000 IOPS
Interface, Capacity, and Memory Technolgy
Host Interface6Gb/s SAS
Interface PortsDual (2) full-duplex
Form Factor2.5 inch
MLC User Capacities800GB
Sector Size Supported512, 520 or 528 bytes/sector
MLC Page Pairing ProtectionNo risk of data loss
Unrecovered Bit Error Rate (UBER)<1 sector in 10e16 bits read
End-to-End Data ProtectionNo performance impact
Patrol Read (automatic)No performance impact
Power-on Hours8760 hours per year
MTBF2 million hours
Physical Dimensions
Height (max) (mm/in)15.0/0.591
Width (max) (mm/in)70.1/2.76
Length (max) (mm/in)100.45/3.954
Weight (g/lb)238/0.5247
Power Consumption
Idle3.9 watts
Typical5.9 watts
Operating Temperature (ambient)0 to 60° C
Non-Operating Temperature-40 to 85° C
Start-up time (Power-On to Ready)<15 seconds
IntelTested Hardware Operational List (THOL)

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ROHS Compliant

Alternate MPNs: SDLB6JC-800G

Weight: 1 lb

Warranty: 3 Year Manufacturer

Brand New

Condition Levels Explained

The product is brand new.

3 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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The product has a manufacturer warranty for the time period specified.