Power Cords

Power cords for many different types of computers and servers
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Generic C13 to 5-15P power cord

Generic Part #/MPN: CAB-PWR-C13-5-15P-BN-OE

Interface Types: IEC C13, IEC 5-15P

Length: 2m / 7ft


Power Cable - 4pin Molex to Two 4pin Molex Splitter


Interface Types: Molex 4 pin

Length: 0.2m / 9"


Generic 95DYN C13 to C14 24in Power Cable

Generic Part #/MPN: CAB-PWR-C13-C14-24IN-BN-OE

Generic 95DYN C13 to C14 Three Prong Power Extension Cable - Brand New


JVT0P C13 to C14 Power Cord / Cable 6ft

Generic Part #/MPN: CAB-PWR-C13-C14-1.8M-BN-OE

Length: 2m / 7ft


Generic Three Prong Type-M to Mickey Mouse C5 Cable

Generic Part #/MPN: CAB-PWR-TYPEM-C5-34IN-UP-OE

Length: 0.9m / 34"


Generic C-13 to 15-P 23in Power Extension Cord

Generic Part #/MPN: CAB-PWR-C13-15P-23IN-BN-OE

Length: 0.6m / 24"


Generic C13 to 5-10P power cord

Generic Part #/MPN: CAB-PWR-C13-5-10P-BN-OE

Interface Types: IEC C13, IEC 5-10P

Length: 1.5m / 5ft

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Generic L6-30P to L6-30R power extension cord

Generic Part #/MPN: CAB-PWR-L6-30P-L6-30R-3M-BN-OE

Interface Types: IEC L6-30P

Length: 3m / 10ft

Voltage: 220-240V

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