Xyratex Storage Array RS-4835 48 Bays

Xyratex Part #/MPN: RS-4835

DiscTech Item #: XYR-RS-4835-RF-OE


Capacity: 24TB

Interface Types: SATA, Fibre Channel - External HSSDC DB9

Form Factor: 3.5inx1.0in LFF Hard Drive

Electrical Interface: FC-AL - 4Gbps

On-Board Cache: 2GB

Bays/Ports/Slots: 48

U Height: 4U

Xyratex Storage Array RS-4835 - FC Attached SATA RAID Storage Array 48 Bays - Refurbished

Xyratex Storage Array RS-4835

Fueled by radical advances in digital video production, medical screening, CCTV surveillance,
disk-to-disk backup and new requirements for securities compliance, the explosion in digital
content creation continues unabated. The sheer volume and wide range of digital information
present a unique challenge for the storage manager, requiring solutions that deliver low cost
and power efficient, high-performance storage across the enterprise.
Realize Value from Storage 24/7 - Xyratex RAID Solutions
OEMs and solution integrators now require ever more sophisticated systems and
solutions capable of managing and maintaining this vast amount of business critical
data. They are also under considerable pressure to address four key challenges: shorten
time to market; reduce test, integration, warranty and service costs; increase reliability;
and bolster customer satisfaction.
Xyratex RAID solutions reduce development costs, feature enterprise-class RAID
functionality including RAID-6 and Snapshot, support high availability, dual controller
configuration support and are highly reliable.
Redefining Flexibility and Availability – Xyratex F5404E
The Xyratex F5404E was engineered to address these demands, combining 4Gb Fibre
Channel (FC) RAID connectivity with Serial ATA II (SATA) disk drives, and Serial Attached
SCSI (SAS) expansion technology, offering affordable RAID data storage and high
performance capabilities.
The Xyratex F5404E sets a new standard in the design of mass storage enclosures to
provide OEMs with unsurpassed disk storage capacity in a single enclosure. Housing 48
SATA drives in 4U of rack space, the F5404E can store 48TB of data in a single unit. With
a combination of high performance controllers and high-density packaging, the fully HA
design of the F5404E increases the flexibility of storage deployment to the end user.
The Xyratex F5404E provides the bandwidth needs for disk-to-disk backup, archive and
other storage intensive applications, while leveraging SAS full duplex, point-to-point
architecture with dedicated connections for maximum data throughput. There is also
no single point of failure, with two RAID controllers per chassis and host-based dynamic
multi-pathing to maintain continuous access to application data. Meanwhile, the F5404E
has the lowest power consumption (50 percent more TB/KW), and highest density (33
percent more TB/ft2) of any nearline storage RAID system on the market.

Fully populated with 48 500GB 7.2K SATA Hard Drives. (24TB Total)

Alt Model No:  F5404E / Overland Ultamus RAID 4800

General Information:
Product Code: RS-4835-F4-5404E
External Interface 4Gb FC, point-to-point, loop and fabric
(switched) topologies
Supported Operating
Windows 2003 (IA32, EM64T); RedHat Linux
AS3/AS4 (IA32, EM64T); SuSE Linux 9/10
(IA32, EM64T)
Supported Hosts 256, 512 LUNs, LUN Masking, >2TB LUNs
Total Capacity per Unit 48TB
Expansion Chassis RS-4835-E3-XPN (1 max), SAS connected,
single and dual IO Module configurations
Total Expansion
96TB, 1G Cache per controller (selectable
by volume – read, adaptive read-ahead, write
through, write-back), battery backup
Disk Drives
Interface Types SATA-II (3GB), NCQ, dedicated bandwidth to
each drive
Max Drives per
48, 512 Logical Drives/system, automatic bad
sector assignment
RAID Controllers
No. RAID Controllers 2 (dual – HA)
RAID Levels
Up to 96 disk arrays with independent RAID
level 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, & 50 support, selectable strip
sizes (64, 128 & 256K), partial strip read/write
RAID Protection
Background initialization, background parity
checking and automatic drive rebuild with
redundant RAID arrays
System Management
Software StorView, StorView Global, StorView Path Manager
Interfaces Supported Ethernet (out-of-band), FC host based (in-band)
System Availability
Hot Swappable
PSU/cooling modules, disk drives, RAID
Additional Reliability
StorView Path Manager for Windows and
Linux - host based dynamic multi-path failover

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Alternate MPNs: 4800 77088-05 F5404E

Weight: 80 lb

Warranty: 1 Year DiscTech


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