80pin - 68pin / 50pin SCSI Adapter

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DiscTech Item #: CAB-SCSI-INT-80p-68p-50p-BN-OE

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Interface Types: SCSI 80pin SCA-2 Hot-Swap, SCSI 68pin HD68, SCSI 50pin

Form Factor: 3.5inx1.0in LFF Hard Drive

Electrical Interface: SCSI Ultra2 Wide - 80MBps 16-bit

80pin SCA-2 to 68pin HD68M / 50pin SCSI Adapter

80-pin to 68-pin / 50-pin adapter (allows you to use ANY 80 pin SCA-2 (hot-swappable / hot-pluggable) hard drive in PCs with standard 68pin or 50pin internal SCSI controllers).

It is fully compatible with the following SCSI standards including LVD: U160, U80 and SE modes: Wide, Fast-Wide, Ultra 2, Ultra 2 Wide (U2W).

This adapter is popular with older Apple Macintosh owners, as they oftern have 50-pin internal SCSI interfaces

The 50pin SCSI interface (8 bit) was widely used in desktop computers until about 1996. It is limited to Narrow/Fast SCSI II which has a limit of just 10MB/s. Examples of 50pin SCSI are often found in Apple SE, SE30; II, IIx, IIci, IIsi, IIvi, IIvx; Apple Performa, LC I, II, III, 400, 405, 430, 450, 460, 475, 600, 611x Series; Apple Centris 610, 650, 660av, Apple Quadra 605, 610, 650, 660av, 700, 800, 840av, 900, 950, Apple PowerMac 6100, 7100 8100, 6400, 6500, 7200, 7300, 7500, 7600, 8500, 8600, 9500, 9600, G3 , PowerComputing computers, All Umax workstations, & Most Motorola StarMax and StarMax based Mac clone computers, older PCs with SCSI support, most older SCSI CD-ROM and internal tape drives.

80pin SCA-2 to 68pin / 50pin SCSI Adapter

SCA-2 80-pin female to 50-pin female SCSI Adapter.

Makes the back of the drive about 1" deeper and 0.5" taller.

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